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Giant Water Bug

And now let us move on to our subscriber pick of the day.

Today’s subscriber pick is the picture of the giant water bug.

These Brown, flattened bugs lurk in the freshwater habitats around the world, ambushing their prey and sucking it dry.

It can get up to two to three inches in length.

They are good Dads because their males took up female eggs on their backs, as they are venomous, hence their bite hurts a lot, and this pain lasts for hours.

Sea Urchin

Sea urchin.

It’s neither a tattoo nor hair.

It’s the aftermath of a sea urchin sting.

Seems painful?

Yeah, then always stay away from this ball-shaped Spike marine animal while sea diving.

Sea urchins are covered in spines which can easily penetrate diver’s boots and wetsuits, puncture the skin and break off.

These spines are usually Hollow and can be fragile, particularly when the time comes to extract broken spines from the skin.

Injuries usually happen when people step on urchins while walking across shallow Rocky bottoms or Tide Pools, so try to be careful if you encounter it anywhere.

Wraparound Spider

– wrap around spider.

You are indeed at risk of getting a shock from this wrap-around spider.

If you make a habit out of grabbing random tree branches in the bush, it is because this spider is a perfect natural camouflage artist.

See this, could you locate it?

Yes, you can for now, but for sure it will not be an easier task to locate it in real life.

But thankfully its venom is not deadly at all for humans but could cause the addition of some painful minutes in your life, especially for those people who have some Allergic Disease.

Its bite could be destructive, so always try to be careful while going into the bushes.

Blue Ringed Octopus

Blue ringed octopus.

At first glance, the blue ringed octopus looks perfectly innocuous.

It’s psychedelic coloring and pint-sized packaging make it seem more adorable than alarming.

But don’t let its cuddly exterior fool you.

This tiny octopus can kill you, and quickly.

So it’s the last thing anyone wants to see before him because, according to the ocean Conservancy, its venom is one thousand times more potent than Cyanide and could finish off 26 humans, and horribly.

That would be a matter of just minutes.

Although all octopuses are venomous, the blue ringed octopus is truly in a league of its own.

That’s why you should always try your best to prevent encountering this small but venomous Marine creature.

Buff Tip Moth

Buff Tip moth.

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