In the big cat family, tigers are the largest and strongest animals. In nature, in terms of size, tigers are the third largest terrestrial carnivores in the world, only after white bears and brown bears.

Tigers’ habitat is dense forests or large grasslands, where they can easily camouflage to hunt or hide from enemies. Tigers have very good climbing ability, only inferior to domestic cats, but they are very developed in swimming ability.

The Bengal tiger is a subspecies of tiger that lives mainly in mainland India and is considered the second largest tiger in the world. Bengal tigers were once famous for hunting large animals such as Asian elephants and young rhinos.

The Bengal tiger is a symbolic animal in Bangladesh and an important part of traditional life and spirituality in India. For people in these countries, the Bengal tiger is the image that symbolizes the wisest, bravest, strongest and most dangerous.

Thanks to its large size and unrivaled strength, the Bengal tiger has almost no enemies in the wild. It can be said that the Bengal tiger is the boss of the wild natural world where it lives, with all the power to live and kill in his hands.

Confident in its own strengths, Bengal tigers like to work and hunt individually. The tiger’s hunting habit is usually to stalk, wait for an opportunity, then quietly approach and deliver a fatal blow to defeat the victim.

The tiger being tracked is named Bagani, one of the most “skilled” hunters here.

According to the recorded footage, Bagani had been following his prey for quite a long time. It gently wriggled through each clump of grass, even carefully moving its tail as smoothly as possible so as not to make noise that could alert the wild boar.

Only when it feels the right time and the distance is close enough, will the wild boar lose its guard and decide to attack. The fatal bite right in the neck area left the prey without a chance to resist and was almost helpless before Bagani’s absolute power immediately.

Immediately after killing its prey, the proud tiger immediately left the prey it had just found and walked leisurely, showing immense dominion because it knew that no animal in this forest would dare to come and steal it. its food.