Trying to knock the hippo down in the river bed, but it seems this is not simple for the lion.

A lioness attempted to take down a hippo in the riverbed at the Lion Sands area of Kruger National Park. It jumped onto the hippo’s back, using its fangs and claws to dig into the hippo’s thick skin to knock down its prey.

No matter how hard the lioness tried, she could not knock down the strong hippo. It is known that after hours of stubbornly clinging to the hippo, the exhausted lion let go. The hippo was returned to its freedom and the lion now had to use its last bit of strength to escape from the hippo.

Despite its sluggish and slow appearance, the hippo is the most ferocious animal in the wild in Africa. They have almost no enemies in nature because there is no species big and strong enough to challenge them. However, in some cases, lone, young, old or injured hippos will become the target of lion attacks.