Nature’s Quick Clash: Eagle Seizes Prey, Defeating Young Boar in Seconds.hongvien – News

Kruger National Park, South Africa is known as the paradise of wildlife, where even the most ordinary activities can become an unforgettable memory for every visitor, as long as they Have enough patience and luck.

There is a secret for inexperienced visitors, visiting the African desert for the first time is to spend time looking at the smallest things, hidden in the bushes here. Mr. Nazeem Mohammed, 49 years old working in the banking industry had a wonderful experience doing it. It was his patience that allowed Mohammed to witness the most fascinating hunting scene in his life.

Early that morning, on the flat road S114, the tourist was extremely overwhelmed by the presence of so many wild animals. Soon, the few memory cards of the camcorder were filled with countless scenes, impala, elephants, birds… In particular, the turning point of the trip was when Mohammed discovered a herd of humped pigs. This is an omnivorous animal, commonly found in the savannah and jungle regions of Africa.

They have an ugly appearance, averaging about 60-80 cm tall, weighing about 50 kg, characterized by long and sharp, curved canines.

With its fangs, the hump can be used to defend against ferocious predators as well as to attack other smaller animals.

Their food is diverse from vegetables, fruits to insects, mushrooms… If they accidentally encounter the remains of animals, the humped pigs are also ready to eat them all.

The guy was very excited when panning the camera to the herd of piglets running from side to side. They bring a strange, peaceful feeling in him. Mohammed and his family were so engrossed in their enjoyment that they forgot to be alert about a Martial eagle lurking nearby, just waiting for the right moment to strike.

The Martial Eagle is the largest eagle in Africa and the fifth largest in the world, and one of the most powerful raptors in the world.

Mohammed’s son was the first to spot eagle attacks. They charged at lightning speed towards the piglets. It wasn’t until the eagle caught a piglet that Mohammed knew he was filming priceless footage.

For the next two hours, the eagle scanned its surroundings carefully, then moved and began to eat its prey.

These scenes are even rarer than the big cats’ hunting footage, because it’s not always possible to catch the Martial eagle “taking action”.

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