Giant Iridescent Pythons Drive Reptile Fans Crazy – News

A herpetologist living in California, Jay Brewer, reveals one of the rarest Reticulated python snakes, which are non-venomous and famous for their unique color reflections.

Rare “Reticulated python”

    Jay Brewer, a herpetologist in California, revealed on his Instagram page footage of one of the rarest and strangest black snakes, famous for their unique rainbow color reflections when exposed to sunlight.

    Brewer repeatedly shared videos of the snake on his page, which was admired by viewers and followers.

    In a statement to CNN, Brewer confirmed that it is not poisonous and that it is admired by visitors and celebrities alike because of its strange color. 

    This rare and unique snake was born nine years ago in the American Reptile Zoo. It acquired its uniqueness due to two specific types of genes, a “selective breed that is produced by breeding two different species together to make this color.” 

    Rainbow python goes viral on social media: 'Stunning' | Fox News

    Rainbow Python Goes Viral On Social Media: 'Stunning', 57% OFF
    Natural sunlight makes Acnologia look so incredible! (Reticulated python.  17ft. Female.) - mildly interesting post - Imgur

    Rainbow Python |

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