Bᴜtt out! Antelope smɑshes honey Ƅadger tҺɾougҺ the aιr afteɾ the aggressive ɑnimɑl kept attacking ιt ιn SoᴜtҺ Afrιcɑ – News


In a comical turn of events, a honey badger in South Africa learned a valuable lesson about picking fights with creatures much larger than itself. The determined critter found itself at the receiving end of a powerful blow from a massive oryx at Etosha National Park, leaving it regretting its decision.

The incident took place when the honey badger, seemingly unable to mind its own business, approached a watering hole at the park. Eager for a confrontation, it repeatedly charged at the oryx, a beast ten times its size. Unimpressed by the badger’s aggression, the oryx retaliated by using its impressive horns to fling the pesky critter high into the air.


Photographs captured the hilarious moment when the honey badger was sent soaring through the sky, a mere plaything for the powerful oryx. The badger was launched approximately 20 feet into the air with each encounter, yet it remained undeterred, getting back up after each fall and charging at the oryx once again.

Dirk Theron, the photographer who witnessed the amusing showdown, described how the badger repeatedly approached the oryx at the watering hole, initiating the confrontations. “It kept on charging at the oryx, then the oryx would hook the badger between its horns and toss him five or six meters into the air,” he recounted. Despite the seemingly brutal impacts, the honey badger emerged seemingly unharmed, simply shaking itself off before resuming its attacks.


Honey badgers have gained a reputation for their aggressive nature, and their fearless demeanor has even inspired the nicknames of famous Australian sports stars. Both Formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciardo and rugby player Nick Cummins have adopted the moniker “Honey Badger” to represent their fearless qualities. Ricciardo explained that after watching a documentary about the badger native to Africa, he felt a connection to its characteristics, ultimately adopting the nickname. “I thought it was awesome. I had a lot of honey badger qualities, so it started from there,” he shared.

The amusing encounter between the honey badger and the oryx serves as a reminder that sometimes it’s best to think twice before picking a fight with opponents who clearly outmatch us in size and strength. In this instance, the badger’s persistence only led to repeated flights through the air, providing entertainment for onlookers and a lesson learned for the audacious creature.

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