Who would you prefer to be your brother-in-law? Messi 🗣: “Paredes..” ❤️ Who would you go out and party with? Messi 🗣: “De Paul..” Who would you ask for advice? Messi 🗣: Scaloni Among the national team players, who will you live with? Messi 🗣: “Di María.” Between the national team players, who would you leave your children with to take care of them? Messi 🗣: “Dibu.”

In the world of football, Lionel Messi stands as a towering figure, an icon of the sport who has captivated fans with his artistry and athleticism. But beyond the dazzling goals and mesmerizing dribbles, Messi is also a man of camaraderie, deeply connected to his fellow Argentina teammates. In a recent interview, Messi offered insights into his relationships with his national team companions, revealing his preferences for various aspects of life, from partying to seeking advice.

Brother-in-Law Material: Leandro Paredes

When asked who he would prefer to have as his brother-in-law, Messi’s answer was swift and decisive: Leandro Paredes. This choice might come as a surprise to some, as Paredes is known for his fiery on-field demeanor, a stark contrast to Messi’s calm and composed persona. However, it seems that Messi values Paredes’ loyalty, protective nature, and strong sense of family, qualities that would make him an ideal brother-in-law.

Partying with the Life of the Party: Rodrigo De Paul

For those late-night revelries and lively gatherings, Messi would choose Rodrigo De Paul as his party companion. De Paul’s energetic personality and infectious enthusiasm are well-known among his teammates, and it’s clear that Messi sees him as someone who can bring the fun and keep the party going.

Seeking Sage Advice: Lionel Scaloni

When it comes to seeking guidance and counsel, Messi turns to his national team coach, Lionel Scaloni. Scaloni’s experience, both as a player and a manager, has earned him the respect of his players, and Messi recognizes his ability to provide sound advice and support.

Living with a Teammate: Ángel Di María

If given the choice of living with one teammate, Messi would opt for Ángel Di María. Di María’s easygoing nature, coupled with his experience and maturity, makes him someone that Messi would find comfortable sharing a living space with.

Entrusting His Children to: Emiliano Martínez

When it comes to the most precious cargo – his children – Messi would entrust their care to Emiliano Martínez, affectionately known as “Dibu.” Martínez’s caring and nurturing personality, along with his protective instincts, make him the ideal choice for Messi to look after his little ones.

Messi’s Choices: A Reflection of His Character

Messi’s preferences for his teammates reveal aspects of his own character. His choice of Paredes as a potential brother-in-law highlights his appreciation for loyalty and family, while his selection of De Paul for partying reflects his ability to let loose and enjoy himself. Seeking advice from Scaloni demonstrates his respect for experience and leadership, and living with Di María suggests his preference for a harmonious and supportive environment. Finally, entrusting his children to Martínez underscores his trust in his teammate’s caring nature.

Messi’s relationships with his Argentina teammates extend beyond the football pitch, forming a bond of camaraderie and mutual respect. His choices in various life scenarios reflect his own values and priorities, providing a glimpse into the man behind the footballing legend.



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