Villa and extended family: How Ronaldo spends quarantine

There are worse places to endure the mandatory self-isolation than Cristiano Ronaldo ‘s villa in Madeira, Portugal, where the Juventus striker has gathered his family around him.

Cristiano Ronaldo has retired to Portugal. (Image: AFP)

Ronaldo is said to have purchased the former industrial building for around seven million euros. In 2015, he apparently already saw the potential for a beautiful property when the building still consisted of storage and office space. The Portuguese was particularly convinced by the proximity to the sea and the impressive view.

This is currently clear if you follow his family’s Instagram accounts. Ronaldo himself and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez have not been stingy with insights into their private lives for their fans in recent weeks. Of course, they showed more and more of their house, picture by picture.

From these we can conclude: Ronaldo’s villa has two pools, one of which is appropriately located on the roof, an impressively large jacuzzi, his own gym and of course various other rooms. The English Metro even reports that there is a football pitch – of course, Ronaldo has to practice somewhere.

With such a big house, Ronaldo obviously couldn’t resist including some family members. In addition to his girlfriend Georgina and his four children, his mother and sisters have also become guests in his Instagram posts.


Serie A could start as early as May

Ronaldo has only forgotten one thing: he did not take a hairdresser with him into self-isolation. Luckily, his girlfriend Georgina has some skills with a razor. (And with some footballers, you never know whether it was an accident with the lawnmower or a new trendy hairstyle).

However, Ronaldo’s isolation is unlikely to last forever. Serie A, like the Bundesliga, is currently working on a plan to return to normality. But then the Juventus striker might also have to isolate himself from his family – and return to Turin. 

He has already set conditions for this case


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