The songs that made Avril Lavigne famous

The Canadian female singer is considered a “school princess” because of her vibrant songs and mischievous style that have attracted young people for more than 10 years.

1. Complicated ( watch video )

In 2002, when Teenpop princesses with their feminine styles and weak love songs began to get boring, Avril Lavigne appeared as a breath of fresh air with her debut single – Complicated . With her mischievous and individual style, the 17-year-old Canadian singer left a strong impression on many music lovers around the world. Complicated made waves all summer that year and made Avril one of the hottest names in the international music industry at that time.

2. Sk8er Boi ( watch video )

Also in the summer of 2002, Avril continued to release her second single – Sk8er Boi – with an even more rebellious style than Complicated . Her fashion style of shorts, t-shirts combined with ties has become a trend among young people. Sk8er Boi ‘s attractive musical melody, a mix of Pop Punk and Power Pop, plus a “school-quality” MV helps the name Avril Lavigne officially become the new idol of young people.

3. I’m with You ( watch video )

By the third single, I’m with You , Avril surprised everyone by becoming gentler and more feminine. The song is the confession of a young girl when she is lonely with a broken heart. I’m with You created a huge craze when it struck a chord with young people and became one of the most requested songs on the radio. This is also the single that brought Avril two Grammy nominations in 2004 for “Song of the Year” and “Best Pop Female Singer”. To date, I’m with You is still considered one of Avril’s most successful songs.

4. My Happy Ending ( watch video )

With the theme of broken love, My Happy Ending became the most prominent single in Avril’s second album Under My Skin released in 2004. Continuing to attract young people with her rebellious style and music genre. Strong Alternative Rock, Avril scores points because she always sings what resonates with the mood of youth – from childhood love stories to problems that teenagers often encounter.

5. He Wasn’t ( watch video )

As the last single from the album Under My Skin , He Wasn’t continues to be Avril’s “strong declaration” about young love. The song tells about a not-so-smooth relationship of a girl who is always treated poorly by her lover. The name of the song also means “He’s not worthy” and encourages young girls to be strong and proactive in love as well as all relationships around their lives.

6. Girlfriend ( watch video )

Still carrying the familiar rebellious Pop Punk style, Girlfriend is the lead single from Avril’s third album titled The Best Damn Thing released in 2007. The song’s MV is staged like a short film in which, Avril shows off her acting ability when transforming into many roles with many different images. Girlfriend made its mark as the first MV to have 100 million views on Youtube.

7. What the Hell ( watch video )

Two years after divorcing her first husband, singer Deryck Whibley of the group Sum 41, Avril returned with her fourth album – Goodbye Lullaby – and the lead single What the Hell in 2009. Despite going through a lot Through ups and downs in life with a failed marriage, the “school princess” still retains her innocence, carefree and mischievous style as when she first appeared 7 years ago. What the Hell brought Avril back to her rightful position in the music industry by reaching the Top 10 of many music charts in the US, Europe and Asia.

8. Here’s to Never Growing Up ( watch video )

In 2012, Avril Lavigne found a new home with singer Chad Kroeger, leader of the group Nickelback and 10 years older than her. One year later, the Canadian singer returned to the music industry with her self-titled fifth album. The first single, Here’s to Never Growing Up , feels like a statement about Avril’s youthful ferocity. After 10 years of musical activities, she is still a “school princess” with youthful songs and her appearance does not seem to have changed much compared to when she first entered the music industry.

9. Rock N Roll ( watch video )

With the second single, Rock N Roll , from her self-titled album, Avril Lavigne continues to strengthen the “brand” of Pop Punk with a unique personality that cannot be confused with other artists. In the MV of this song, Avril continues to maximize her mischief and tricks and even has a very hot lesbian lip-lock scene. Those who watched Avril from the Complicated era and switched to Rock N Roll will easily see the Canadian singer’s “forever young” beauty.

10. Let Me Go – singing with Chad Kroeger ( watch video )

In her latest single titled Let Me Go , Avril Lavigne seems to become more loving, sweet and seductive when singing with her current husband – Chad Kroeger. The two created a romantic Power Ballad and made the singer’s fans excited. Avril herself composed this song with Chad. With Let Me Go , it seems that after finding a new “landing”, Avril becomes more and more beautiful and vibrant. After more than a decade of dedication to music, she is still forever a “school princess” in the hearts of the audience.

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