The purrfect puzzle collection: Explore Piece of Mind’s 1000 piece cat puzzles!

Are you a puzzle enthusiast who also adores cats? If so, Piece of Mind’s cat puzzle collection is tailor-made for you!

We’ve curated a delightful assortment of 1000 piece cat puzzles that will whisk you away into the enchanting world of our feline friends. From adorable kittens frolicking in a field of flowers to majestic samurai cats on epic adventures, our cat puzzles offer a purrrrrrrfect blend of challenge and cuteness.

Explore our 1000 piece cat puzzles

Find below some of our puzzles, but don’t wait to explore them all here. 

Kitten Frolic: A Burst of Playful Energy

Imagine spending an afternoon surrounded by four adorable kittens jumping through a field of daisies and colorful flowers. That’s the magic of “Kitten Frolic,” our 1000-piece puzzle that celebrates the beauty of nature and the vibrant colors of playful kittens. As you piece together their frolics, you’ll experience the joy of bringing a living, breathing work of art to life.

Kitten Floric - Cat puzzle - 1000 pieces
Kitten Floric - Cat puzzle - 1000 pieces 
Rockstar Whiskers: A Melody of Fun and Colors

Are you a fan of cats, music, and puzzles? Then “Rockstar Whiskers” is the puzzle for you! This 1000 piece cat puzzle features a cool kitten strumming a guitar amidst waves of colorful hues. Get ready to rock out and add a splash of excitement to your puzzle collection with this unique and enjoyable challenge.Rockstar cat puzzle 1000 piecesGuitar rockstar cat puzzle 1000 pieces

Samurai Cat: An Adventure Beyond Imagination

Enter the world of anime, Japan, and cats with the “Samurai Cat” puzzle. This 1000-piece adventure features an anime-style samurai cat on a hill with a majestic mountain in the background. With snow-capped peaks and pink cherry blossoms, you’ll feel like you’re on an epic quest with this captivating puzzle.

Samurai Cat - Anime puzzle - 1000 pieces

Samurai cat puzzle - 1000 pieces

Blue Knight: A Tale of Action and Elegance

Step into the world of knights and cats with the “Blue Knight” puzzle. Featuring a knight cat with a bright blue sword and a backdrop of yellow and orange colors, this puzzle is all about action and adventure. With its intricate design, it’s sure to challenge your puzzle-solving skills.

Knight cat - 1000 piece cat puzzleKnight cat - 1000 piece cat puzzle

Colorful King: Fit for Royalty and Cat Lovers

Transport yourself to a world of wonder with the “Colorful King” puzzle. This 1000-piece masterpiece showcases a stunning long-haired cat amidst a backdrop of yellow and orange hues reminiscent of the northern lights. If you enjoy a good challenge and a burst of colors, this puzzle is a must-have.

Colorful cat - 1000 piece cat puzzle

Colorful cat - 1000 piece cat puzzle

Garden Playground: Nature’s Beauty Meets Feline Playfulness

“Garden Playground” is a treat for cat lovers and nature enthusiasts. This 1000-piece puzzle captures the beauty of two cats in a vibrant garden full of life and flowers. The intricate details and vivid colors make this puzzle a unique and enjoyable experience.

Colorful playground - 1000 piece cat puzzleGarden cat puzzle - 1000 piece cat puzzle


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