Taylor Swift was suspected of writing a song that criticized ‘Lingerie Angel’ Karlie Kloss

After Taylor Swift’s new song was released, many people also “dug up” the moment Karlie turned against Taylor to become friends with Kim Kardashian’s younger sister – the singer’s “old enemy”.

Recently, Taylor Swift released two new songs titled “Right Where You Left Me” and “It’s Time To Go”. Taylor Swift is famous for putting personal experiences into her songs, so netizens couldn’t help but think of her personal life when seeing the lyrics.

The character that makes netizens believe that Taylor Swift is referring to is none other than Victoria’s Secret supermodel Karlie Kloss – who was once Taylor’s close friend.

Taylor Swift’s song is said to “diss” her close friend Karlie Kloss

Specifically, both songs are about giving up on someone, possibly a lover, but many of the lyrics also refer to a friend.

In particular, in “It’s time to go”, Taylor Swift wrote: “When a sister’s words reach your ears in the form of whispered insinuations, it proves that she is not what she seems. It’s not a twin sister like a dream, but a liar caught in the act.”

This makes many people immediately think of the photos of Taylor and Karlie looking very similar that they showed off on social networks when they were close friends.

The two once interacted closely when Taylor Swift performed songs on the Victoria’s Secret runway

However, on the US Independence Day on July 4, 2017 – an occasion when Taylor often invited close friends to her villa to party, Karlie was spotted with Kendall Jenner – Kim Kardashian’s younger sister. And Kim is Taylor’s enemy. This action of Karlie made many fans quite angry.

Karlie Kloss maintains a close relationship with Kendall Jenner – Kim Kardashian’s younger sister

When Taylor released the MV “Look What You Made Me Do”, many people suspected Karlie was “kicked” out of her close friend group, because her name did not appear on the shirt with the names of Taylor’s close friends, like Gigi. Hadid, Selena Gomez, Ed Sheeran…

However, what is making fans “excited” is when Karlie posted the caption below for a video on Instagram.

Karlie Kloss posted with the caption “Swish Swish”

“Swish Swish” is the name of the song that Katy Perry used to “swear” at Taylor Swift before.

In 2019, public opinion was stirred again when famous blogger Perez Hilton shared the shocking secret about Karlie Kloss “backstabbing” Taylor Swift. Specifically, the supermodel revealed the singer’s secret information to Scooter Braun – who was in dispute over album rights with Taylor.

Although this blogger’s words cannot be verified, the fact that two other friends of Taylor Swift, Ashley Avignone and Clair Winter, actively liked Perez Hilton’s post makes many people believe that this is an accurate source of information.

Since then, Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss have no longer interacted or been seen together like before. Many people still feel regret for their seemingly strong and rare friendship in showbiz.

Fans still feel regretful because Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss cannot maintain their friendship

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