Swift and Dickinson both descend from a 17th century English immigrant


Distant Relatives: Taylor Swift and Emily Dickinson Linked by Ancestral Ties

In a surprising twist of fate, genealogy website Ancestry.com has revealed a fascinating connection between pop icon Taylor Swift and the esteemed 19th-century poet Emily Dickinson. The unlikely pair are, believe it or not, sixth cousins, three times removed.

Taylor Swift and Emily Dickinson are apparently related? | Vogue India

This discovery sheds light on their shared heritage, tracing their lineage back to a common ancestor: a 17th-century English immigrant named Jonathan Gillette. While details about Gillette himself are scarce, his descendants would go on to carve their own unique paths in American history.

Swift’s side of the family appears to have settled in Connecticut for several generations before eventually moving to Pennsylvania and marrying into the Swift family tree. Dickinson’s branch, however, remained rooted in Massachusetts, where she would become a literary icon known for her introspective and powerful poems.

Are Taylor Swift And Iconic Poet Emily Dickinson Really Cousins?

Despite the vast differences in their chosen fields and the centuries separating them, this revelation highlights the unexpected connections that bind us all. It’s a reminder that even the most celebrated figures share a common thread in the tapestry of history.

This newfound knowledge has sparked excitement among fans of both Swift and Dickinson. For Swifties, it adds a layer of historical intrigue to their favorite artist’s story. For Dickinson enthusiasts, it offers a glimpse into the broader lineage of the enigmatic poet.

Taylor Swift is related to famed American poet Emily Dickinson, Ancestry  reveals

Whether this discovery inspires future artistic endeavors or simply sparks a sense of wonder, one thing is certain: the shared ancestry of Taylor Swift and Emily Dickinson adds a new dimension to their legacies.

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