Summary: “Spider-Man” Tom Holland brought his celebrity girlfriend home. At only 26 years old, he already has a supercar worth nearly 3 billion USD to carry his lover!

Actress Zendaya even went to the theater with Tom Holland’s family to watch a play, planning to get married soon or something?

Recently, the famous actress Zendaya once again caused a stir in the public when she was caught visiting her lover Tom Holland’s house in London before going to the theater with Tom’s family to watch a musical. Without the spider web to move like in the movie, “Spider-Man” had to use a Porsche Taycan sports car worth 90,000 pounds (more than 2.7 billion VND) to take his girlfriend to the mansion. At only 26 years old, he has a supercar to carry his girlfriend, who can compete with this?

Tom and Zendaya are always together despite the paparazzi

He picked up his girlfriend in a Porsche Taycan sports car worth 90,000 pounds (over 2.7 billion VND). He is handsome on the outside and rich on the inside.

It is known that this is just one of the “war horses” in the actor’s supercar collection.

Famous actor Tom Holland is simple on the outside but rich on the inside, no wonder female fans are crazy about him.

When she arrived at her boyfriend’s house, Zendaya was carrying many gift bags. Perhaps the famous actress wanted to please her future mother-in-law.

Recently, in an interview with People , Tom shared: “I want to rest and focus on spending more time with my family.” Therefore, instead of enjoying a romantic weekend with his lover, Tom decided to “drag” his mother and younger brothers to the Palace Theatre in London’s West End to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child . What a happy family!

Wearing simple clothes, this couple still took the spotlight on the busy street when they went to the theater.

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