Strange story of antelope turning its back to fight lions in the river.hongvien – News

A lioness and a lechwe lock eyes, their noses almost touching. In the Botswana floodplains, the stalemate holds. Who will make the first move?

In the vast expanse of the African savannah, a strange and remarkable story unfolded. It was a scorching hot day, and a pride of lions had gathered at the edge of a river, looking for prey to quench their hunger. Suddenly, they spotted a group of antelopes grazing peacefully nearby. The lions immediately sprang into action, charging towards the unsuspecting antelopes with fierce determination.

But what happened next was truly astonishing. One of the antelopes, a brave and bold creature, turned its back to the charging lions and plunged into the river. The lions were taken aback by this unexpected move and hesitated for a moment, giving the antelope the chance it needed to make a swift escape to the other side of the river.

Lions are known for their predatory skills and their hunting prowess. Witnessing a lion hunt is most definitely special and unique. However, it is not unheard of. Now, a sighting of a lion hunting in water becomes a little rarer.

As the lions watched in disbelief, the antelope stood on the opposite bank, panting heavily but unharmed. The lions, still hungry and now frustrated, slinked away into the bushes, defeated by the courage and resourcefulness of their prey.

“In the floodplains of Botswana, the lions hunt a variety of prey, including buffalo, wildebeest, and various antelope species. However, one of their favorites is the lechwe. We located the resident lion pride lazing along a channel on this particular day. The lions had noticeably empty bellies.”

The flooded grasslands, channels, and islands of Botswana’s Okavango Delta host a well-adapted type of antelope known as lechwe. The lechwe is a fast and agile animal, making it a challenging target for lions. So, despite the large number of lechwe on the Botswana floodplains, lions do not often find success when pursuing these antelope.

The standoff between predator and prey!

“The lions had been lazing around for several hours when one of the lionesses picked up movement in the foreground. A few lechwes were crossing the channel and heading directly toward the lions. We waited in anticipation. The lechwes were getting closer and closer. Just as the lechwes were about to hit land, they picked up the presence of the lions and made a turn.”

“At this point, the lions were already poised and ready, determined not to let this opportunity pass them by. They gave chase through the water: water everywhere and a frenzy of lechwe. The lions isolated a male lechwe and pursued him. Cornered – with a deep river on one side and a dense bank on the other, he had nowhere to go as they forced him into a dead end.”

“The lechwe played the patience game. Every time the lioness moved closer, he would stand his ground and display aggression. As the lioness became distracted for a split second, it was all the lechwe needed to escape, using the opportunity to create enough time and space to get away. Defeated and somewhat humiliated, the lioness looked on as the lechwe ran off.”

In the end, the standoff between the lioness and the male lechwe is just one chapter in the ongoing cycle of life and death in the floodplains of Botswana. The lions will continue to hunt, and the lechwe will continue to fight for their survival in a constant battle that has been playing out for thousands of years.

This strange story of the antelope turning its back to fight lions in the river spread far and wide, becoming a legend among the animals of the savannah. It was a reminder that even in the face of overwhelming danger, there is always a way to outsmart and outmaneuver one’s enemies.

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