Ronaldo’s Frustration Boils Over: Anger Erupts with Coaching Staff During Al Nassr’s Defeat


The 38-year-old striker could not hide his disappointment after Al Nassr’s completely deadlocked first half in the semi-finals of the King’s Cup

After the first half ended, the camera recorded Cristiano Ronaldo and his teammates leaving the field. Before entering the tunnel, the Portuguese striker turned to the coaching staff and expressed ɑnger.

Ronaldo is not satisfied with the coaching staff.

Al Nassr had the home field advantage, but let Al Wehda concede the first goal through a striker Jean-David Beauguel’s tackle in the 23rd minute. For the rest of the time, interim coach Dinko Jelicic made no adjustments. in terms of tactics, in addition to asking students to constantly stuff the ball in from two sides.

Al Nassr has a poor playstyle

In the second half, Al Nassr’s play remained the same. With only 10 men, Al Wehda still withstood pressure from the host and kept the net until the final whistle sounded.

After the loss, Ronaldo expressed disappointment. He collapsed on the field and then with some teammates went straight into the tunnel without thanking the support of the home fans.

Ronaldo went straight into the tunnel after defeat

Ronaldo is in dɑnger of having a second consecutive season empty-handed. Before that, Al Nassr was also eliminated from the Saudi Super Cup from the semi-finals. In the national championship, the home club Mrsool Park is also 3 points behind Al Ittihad with one game playing more.

After sacking coach Rudi Garcia, Al Nassr could not improve his performance. The capital team lost the last 2 matches and failed to score a goal. With Ronaldo, he had the third consecutive match in all competitions.

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