Ronaldo left without lodging at Al Nasr due to an impending “major crisis”?

Al Nassr football team – where Cristiano Ronaldo is playing – may cause a big “shock” in the national championship when the president and board members plan a big decision. This can completely affect the future of the club and CR7.

Cristiano Ronaldo is probably very confused when Al Nassr Club is in big trouble behind the scenes when it is reported that the club president and the entire board of directors will resign.

This information comes just a few days after Al Nassr was eliminated from the AFC Champions League and has almost no chance to compete for the Saudi Arabia National Championship in this 2023/24 season.

More specifically, Al Nassr president Khalid bin Fahd is likely to have to leave the club soon. He and the team’s board members are likely to be forced to leave when the team will almost go empty-handed this season despite receiving huge investment and expectations.

Al Nassr’s change of superstructure means they will have a new chairman and board of directors. If this really happens, Al Nassr will have many changes in personnel in the upcoming transfer window.

According to assessments, Ronaldo will still be the club’s “key card” even if they have a new president or new board of directors. First is because of Ronaldo’s influence and reputation. He has brought a lot to the Saudi Arabian National Championship since arriving at Al Nassr. Certainly, Al Nassr will never write off Ronaldo’s name.

The second problem is that the Portuguese player intends to stay for a long time and it seems that he will stay until the end of his career: “This is a very good tournament. But I think we have a lot of opportunity to grow. Saudi Pro League is competitive. We have very good teams, very good Saudi players, but they need to improve a bit more in terms of infrastructure, referees, systems VAR, should be a bit faster, and other little things need to be improved.

But I am happy here, I want and will continue to stay here. In my opinion, if they continue to do the work they want to do, in the next five years, I think the Saudi Arabian National Championship can be a top league in the world.”

Statistics show that Ronaldo has scored 44 goals in 52 matches for Al Nassr since moving to Asia to play football in early 2023. Currently, Ronaldo is joining the Portuguese national team.Ronaldo has no place to stay at Al Nasr because of the upcoming 'great crisis'?

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