Rebel rapper Cardi B: From a poor past to a rich superstar

After a rough childhood, Cardi B had a spectacular transformation, from a poor Cinderella overcoming life’s obstacles to become rich, successful, and a member of the current entertainment kingdom. great luxury.

Cinderella is the Western “Cinderella” story, but in Cardi B’s life, perhaps it is closer to the “One Thousand and One Nights” myth. Cardi B is just a stage name, her real name is Belcalis Almanzar, which are Arabic words related to the Queen of Sheba. As for the nickname Cardi, it is short for Bacardi, a type of rum, the reason is that Cardi’s older sister is named after another brandy, Hennessy.

 Cardi B. has become a famous rapper superstar 

Photo: AFP

In the Bronx, New York City (USA), there is a nail salon owned by Cardi B, with two portraits hanging on the wall. One is a photo of legendary actress Marilyn Monroe, and the other is the 2019 version of Marilyn: Cardi B. Vietnamese-American Jenny Bui is both the owner and confidant of the rap diva who is a loyal customer. your device. This relationship has lasted nearly a decade, right from the days when Cardi went to the nail salon because she was broke. It was also Jenny Bui who had a keen eye and soon predicted that the customer who “matched” her sharp, multi-colored nail style would become a superstar rapper. And because of her loyalty to her close nail salon owner, Cardi’s Instagram has now automatically become an advertising channel for J. Bui nail salon, which has an interactive membership of up to 16 million people.

At the age of 26, Cardi B still doesn’t hide her pride whenever she has the opportunity to talk about her life, but usually the conversation only happens with women who come to get their nails done at Jenny Bui’s salon. For Cardi, the life she is living now is like a fairy tale in which she plays the princess. From a “rag rag” Cinderella, she overcame life’s obstacles to become rich, successful, and a member of the luxurious modern entertainment kingdom. But Cardi still likes to share more about her concerns as she is currently struggling with challenges so that that fairy-tale life does not destroy her desire to have a peaceful and quiet life that she often desires. Now, a new decision has been determined by Cardi: she won’t have to pay attention to all relationships and rumors just to please her fans like before. Right now, all that remains for her is her career, her family’s fortune, and her newborn child.

 Cardi B is sought after on the red carpet

Photo: AFP 

It is not an exaggeration to say that Cardi B’s life story is like that of “Cinderella”. Because in just a very short time, her reputation has skyrocketed, comparable to Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift. Cardi’s name is mentioned with the same admiration as her youthful idols such as Madonna or Beyonce. Before that bright moment, the life of the girl from Trinidad and the Dominican Republic was a blur, sometimes even gray. Cardi B’s childhood was a “torturous childhood”. She joined a gang, lived promiscuously in the Bronx, and at one point had to work as a cashier at a grocery store with a salary of $250/week. Cardi B’s transition period is her days as a stripper. The only thing is, Cardi worked as a stripper but still lied to her mother that she was a babysitter to make money and justified herself by following this “low-class” profession to have money to break up with her boyfriend, unwilling to accept the guy’s fate. That abusive lover sexually abused her.

From her passion for music and the dance floor to the VH1 reality show Love & Hip Hop: New York,  Cardi B began to be her own “fairy lady” waving a magic wand for her life by experimenting with her own mixes. debut. Soon, the magic wand effect turned everything of Cardi into gold and jewels like the life of the mythical Cinderella. The single Bodak Yellow was released and immediately topped the charts. The hit was also historic, because since Lauryn Hill’s 1998 single ( That Thing ), Bodak Yellow made Cardi the first solo female rapper to have a number one hit, and the fifth female rapper in history. history of having albums top the charts. Then with just one more album, Invasion of Privacy , Cardi B’s “transformation” of Cinderella – the princess was completed spectacularly. To this day, this is still considered the best debut album by a female rapper since the 1996 release Hard Core by world female rapper legend Lil’ Kim. When 2019 came, Cardi was the youngest person on the list of 20 most famous names, held the Grammy golden trumpet, reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100, the MV reached 1 billion views on YouTube and brought her a trophy. 5 nominations at this year’s Grammy Awards.

Cardi B is an Instagram sensation and has attracted a lot of attention by speaking about women’s issues from the perspective of a black woman who is not wealthy.

Photo: AFP  

Now Cardi B is a global superstar, having moved from New York to Atlanta to live. Her love story, marriage, having children and breaking up with the rapper with the stage name Offset have become hot topics every day in the mass media. Cardi’s topless scene of breastfeeding her daughter in the Money Money video became a message for dairy companies calling on women to “breastfeed their children together”. Because of her child, Cardi gave up a tour with Bruno Mars, a lucrative career development opportunity that few music stars dare to sacrifice.

However, in the present, Cardi B has felt and understood who she is, where she comes from and also knows how to find a reasonable emotional balance, with the presence of her child, to deal with the illusions. that rapid success often brings. In the past, Cardi B indeed let her emotions control her many times. She was once accused of attacking two female bartenders at a strip club. Then recently, unable to control her temper, she yelled and threw her shoes at Nicki Minaj right at an event organized by Harper’s Bazaar magazine. In terms of social networks , as of 2019, Cardi B is still in the top 10 KOLs in the world’s entertainment industry, an American superstar in the post-Kardashian era, a master of “selfie” photos and videos. ” full of creativity takes over Instagram.

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