Plant buying for design clients at Trevena Cross Nursery today. How lovely

This morning, I embarked on a delightful design mission: plant shopping for my clients at Trevena Cross Nursery! Stepping into the nursery was like entering a verdant paradise. Lush greenery filled every corner, with vibrant flowers adding pops of color throughout. The air hummed with the gentle buzz of pollinators flitting between blossoms, creating a symphony of life.

Có thể là hình ảnh về lan Vanda

My senses were immediately captivated. The earthy scent of fresh potting mix mingled with the sweet perfume of blooming orchids. Sunlight streamed through the greenhouse roof, casting dappled light on the diverse foliage. Rows upon rows of healthy plants lined the walkways, each one a potential star for my clients’ design projects.

Có thể là hình ảnh về lan Vanda

There were towering fiddle leaf figs with their dramatic, oversized leaves, perfect for adding a touch of grandeur to a living space. Cascading pothos vines overflowed from hanging baskets, their trailing tendrils ideal for softening a stark corner. Colorful succulents in unique containers offered a touch of whimsy, while delicate ferns whispered of a tranquil oasis.

Có thể là hình ảnh về cây thùa, hoa oải hương Pháp và hoa Lewisia

As I explored the nursery, I envisioned each plant in its future home. I mentally placed a vibrant snake plant in a brightly lit entryway, its upright form creating a sense of welcome. I pictured a cascading philodendron gracing a bookshelf, its lush foliage adding a touch of life amidst the printed word. Every selection was a potential piece of living art, ready to transform a space.

The Story of Trevena Cross, which began more than 40 years ago

The knowledgeable staff at Trevena Cross were incredibly helpful. They answered my questions about plant care with enthusiasm, offering tips on light requirements, watering schedules, and ideal placement. Their passion for plants was contagious, and their expertise ensured I was choosing the perfect specimens for my clients’ needs.

By the end of my visit, my cart overflowed with a beautiful selection of plants. Each one, from the majestic monstera to the delicate maidenhair fern, held the promise of bringing life and joy to my clients’ spaces. Leaving Trevena Cross Nursery, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction. It was a day filled with foliage, and the lovely feeling of knowing I was helping to create beautiful and vibrant environments for others.

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