Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth – Sagittarius and Capricorn: Who is right, who is wrong?

Information about the separation between the “former” Disney princess – Miley Cyrus and the handsome kangaroo actor Liam Hemsworth has been making fans excited for the past few weeks. Who is right, who is wrong, or is it just that they are not compatible? Try using the horoscope to see the difficulties of this Sagittarius – Capricorn couple.

Sagittarius woman and Capricorn man – opposite personalities

As a Zodiac sign of the Fire element, moreover, often compared to a “flying flame”, Miley as well as all other Sagittarius girls carry within themselves the spirit of freedom and desire to shine. And just like what many people predicted, after transforming from the image of a good Disney princess, she always does what she likes and doesn’t care much about what other people think. Miley dresses and acts more and more boldly, but is still beautiful and deadly attractive. Would a quiet and somewhat patriarchal Capricorn accept that?

Born under the constellation Capricorn, Liam is polite and thoughtful. Capricorn likes simple, traditional things and is averse to anything ostentatious or too bright. And especially, Capricorn men always like their women to be dignified and courteous. That role model certainly never had anything to do with Miley. So how did the two of them experience that “difficult” romance?

Early romances

With so many differences, once they get together, the love story of Sagittarius – Capricorn is as romantic and lasting as other couples.

Capricorn always brings a feeling of maturity and security, so Miley did not hesitate to declare frankly: “Love Liam because he is like my father.” Miley is also always proud to boast that the Hunger Games actor is hard-working, honest and a solid support for her – super typical qualities of a Capricorn man.

Loving Liam, Miley also seems more loving and mature. From a carefree Disney princess, Miley becomes more feminine every time she walks next to Liam. Sagittarius is known for flying around and “running like a horse” all day, yet Miley can obediently stay by Liam’s side all day.

Tying a Sagittarius’s legs is seemingly impossible! Yet to confirm their love, Miley and Liam decided to get engaged and exchange wedding rings. And will the story have a Happy Ending like that?

Trouble and breakdown – Sagittarius’s fault??

Miley is expressing herself more and more freely, to the point that the principled and somewhat patriarchal Capricorn man can no longer “turn a blind eye”. The climax was Miley’s unexpectedly bold performance and dressing at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, which made countless audiences’ hearts skip a beat, while Liam was “hot-faced”. A friend of Liam said: “He’s really unhappy with this performance.”

Capricorn is famous as the Zodiac sign or “scholar”. It will be even more difficult for a guy to accept when his girlfriend is gossiped about and talked about. Capricorn also values ​​family very much. And when Liam’s family also had to “shake their heads” at Miley’s rapid change, Liam must have had too many reasons to return to Australia, leaving Miley alone in America “indefinitely”.

Is Capricorn at fault?

Despite being so rebellious, Sagittarius is a carefree zodiac sign so it is difficult to face heavy pressures surrounding relationships. Miley said she couldn’t stand her private life being picked on by so many people. Unable to bear the looks or probing questions of people around her, on September 16, 2013, Miley confirmed that the two had broken up.

And most surprisingly, one day after breaking up, Capricorn patriarch suddenly publicly dated Mexican model Eiza Gonzalez. Everyone thought that the rebellious princess must be the one with a new lover first, few people expected it to turn out like that.

That’s right, Capricorn men are probably shy and worried. He must always have a “backup plan” available to feel secure and satisfied. It sounds selfish and mean, but that is the nature of Capricorn.

Sagittarius is arrogant after pain

A few days later, Miley confirmed to the press that she had intended to break up for a long time, and only now did the world finally decide. Answering the question of whether she cried because Liam had a new boyfriend, Miley said she cried because her pet dog passed away!

Fire signs have very high self-esteem. After breaking up, her ex-boyfriend got a new “boyfriend” the next day. This mental shock made Miley even more rebellious and “arrogant” than before. No matter whether she is suffering or sad because of the past, her actions and statements are truly typical of a Sagittarius girl!

Two opposing personality tendencies and pressure from public opinion have brought the seemingly dreamy love story of two young stars Sagittarius and Capricorn to a standstill. Who is right, who is wrong, no one can judge that. I’m just sorry for a beautiful love story of a talented couple that has lasted more than 3 years..

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