Miley Cyrus affirms: New product is very different – Will Hannah Montana ‘resurrect’?

Based on the unusual social network chaos with nostalgic photos, we have also seen that Miley has changed and matured a lot compared to her not-so-good past.

Immediately after the hit Nothing Breaks Like A Heart was released in November 2018, “rebellious muse” Miley Cyrus decided to temporarily step out of the fame race and focus on the official relationship between her and Liam Hemsworth. .

MV Nothing Breaks Like A Heart.

Until recently, the female artist announced her return with a series of disturbing actions on social networks such as nostalgic photos of the past, photos that appeared to be a recording session for a new MV, but The most typical story is probably still the story she posted on her Instagram account yesterday. With this story, Miley Cyrus makes it even harder for fans to wait for the release of her new products.


The “tease” photos on her account are rumored to be behind-the-scenes photos of an upcoming product.


Miley’s story line is like a test of fans’ patience.

Specifically, last night, Miley posted a large bold pink font on the story section saying: ” There will be big changes coming soon, please look forward to it! “.

After this story was widely spread, many fans speculated that there was a high possibility that Miley ‘s new products would have a very different style than her previous works. Based on the “teaser” images that the female artist has posted, it is likely that the music this time will have a classic, gentle, tropical quality, corresponding to the colors of the photos and will be opposite. Completely compatible with previous products. Some fans even believe that Hannah Montana will be “revived” and have a small role in the upcoming MV.


Will the blonde girl of our childhood really return?

Currently, Miley Cyrus has not yet responded to this “revival”, but we can be sure that her new product is really “landing”.

Will the changes mentioned above by the female artist be as rumored? Let’s look forward to it.

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