Mikel Arteta tries to steer Arsenal to the £1 billion mark


Sublimating under the guidance of coach Mikel Arteta, the value of Arsenal’s squad is about to reach the 1 billion pound milestone.

Arsenal Club is increasing its prices rapidly under the leadership of Mikel Arteta - Photo: Getty

Arsenal Club is increasing its prices rapidly under the leadership of Mikel Arteta – Photo: Getty

According to Transfermarkt, after 3 impressive seasons, the total value of Arsenal ‘s squad at this time is about 960 million pounds (more than 28,448 billion VND), ranking second in the Premier League after Man City (more than 1.08 billion VND). board).

Among them, Bukayo Saka is the most expensive star of the “Gunners”, valued at more than 111 million pounds. It is even more exciting for Arsenal and its fans when this 22-year-old star is a product of their own training.

Besides, captain Martin Odegaard’s price has also increased rapidly since leaving Real Madrid for 30 million pounds. Martin Odegaard was like a fish out of water when he joined the “Gunners” and is currently valued at up to 81 million pounds, 2.7 times the fee Arsenal paid to bring him back.

According to estimates by sports economics experts, the value of Arsenal’s squad will exceed the 1 billion pound mark if they win the Premier League this season.

Coach Mikel Arteta’s team is currently competing with Man City in the race for the throne. Arsenal temporarily leads the rankings with 83 points, 1 point more than Man City but has played 1 more match than their opponent.

In the remaining two matches, Arsenal meet Man Utd and Everton respectively. Meanwhile, Man City will have two away trips against Fulham and Tottenham and then return home to take on West Ham in the final match.

According to supercomputer analysis, Arsenal’s chance of winning the Premier League this season is only 34.1%, compared to 65.9% for Man City.

Even if you have to accept the second consecutive season of being runner-up to the strength of Man City, as long as Mikel Arteta’s students continue to show an attractive playing style, Arsenal’s value will still approach the 1 billion pound mark. .

Mikel Arteta promised Arsenal fans he would try until the last moment. “The momentum ahead is fantastic. I have a lot of confidence in the players and really expect to go far,” he said.

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