10 years ago, Margot Robbie left her life on a rural farm for Melbourne, Australia to pursue an acting career. Possessing a beautiful face, hot body, deep, attractive voice and fluent radio, she quickly got a role in the TV series Neighbors before moving to Hollywood to look for opportunities. Robbie’s career turned a corner in 2013 when veteran director Martin Scorsese gave her the role of Naomi Lapaglia in the hit movie The Wolf of Wall Street , alongside actor Leonardo DiCaprio. This perfect launching pad helped her receive a rain of praise from critics and attract the attention of the audience. In 2016, Margot Robbie’s name once again exploded in the film market thanks to the blockbuster Suicide Squad . The role of Harley Quinn that burned her eyes caused a lot of controversy but was a global phenomenon, becoming the most decorated character at Halloween that year.

Margot Robbie 5

Margot Robbie impressed with her transformation as Tonya Harding in “I, Tonya”.

In early 2018, Margot Robbie happily received an Oscar nomination for the female lead role in the art film I, Tonya . The film about sports has brought Margot Robbie’s name to the mainstream, academic level. Director Craig Gillespie really admired the actress’s thorough preparation before each scene and her tireless sacrifice for her character. Robbie diligently practiced three different tones of voice to play Tonya at many stages of her life. Surprisingly, she always makes acting easy, delicately using techniques, adding many nuances to enhance the effect of the character. The Australian actress sometimes spent up to 4 hours a day for months on the ice to masterfully play the role of an ice skater. Thanks to her tireless efforts, she was rewarded with an Oscar nomination. Although she lost to veteran actress Frances McDormand, Margot Robbie is currently favored by critics and the Oscar is no longer too far away for the young actress.

Margot Robbie 1

Margot Robbie is a notable name at the 90th Academy Awards with the nomination for Best Actress in the movie “I, Tonya”.

Most likely, she will reunite with Leonardo DiCaprio and appear alongside Brad Pitt as Sharon Tate in the movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood . Experts believe that famous director Quentin Tarantino has “scored” the name Margot Robbie, the negotiation process will end soon and official news will be announced. This could be a new level, affirming Robbie’s talent, reputation and influence in the film industry.


Not being overwhelmed by Hollywood’s gossip, after initial success in 2013, Margot Robbie boldly founded LuckyChap Film Production Company with close friends. The talented female artist wants to take control of her destiny behind the scenes, where she is in charge of producing projects. However, she cannot act in movies produced by her company because she wants people to refer to LuckyChap instead of “Margot Robbie’s company”. I, Tonya is a film she independently participated in producing and in fact has proven that she is very good at this job.

In a short interview on the 2018 Oscars red carpet, Robbie could not hide his pride in being part of creating a great work. She was very nervous after the production process ended and waited for her brainchild to be completed. Robbie could only breathe a sigh of relief when the film was warmly received and received 3 prestigious Oscar nominations. After many years of working on set in this role, Robbie is proud that she was able to come up with her own ideas, not following the beaten path but always searching for new directions and ways of doing things. She was also happy when many crew members came forward and said let’s do this differently. This proves that her enthusiasm and creativity truly inspire those around her.

Margot Robbie 2

Beautiful and talented, behind the camera Margot Robbie still wants to be a family woman.





It was through her production work that Robbie had the opportunity to work with a series of outstanding female writers and directors. Of course, she is also extremely happy to work with talented actresses of the same age. Margot Robbie really wants to give women more opportunities. A few years ago, Margot Robbie was a little shy when someone asked if she was a feminist. She used to be very confused about the concept of “feminism” and thought it had many negative connotations. She now understands that “anyone who believes in gender equality in terms of social, emotional and financial respect is a feminist.” At the same time, she asserted herself as a true feminist. She also uses the word “resilient” to describe women in general because after all the bitterness and sadness of being abused, they emerge stronger.

The actress and film producer hopes there will be an organization or support system for women who are harassed and abused to seek help. At the same time, Robbie reminds young girls to be steadfast and not compromise with bad things. She also told her own story when she came to Hollywood without a relationship, but as long as she truly loves her job and works hard, success will come.

Margot Robbie 3

Margot is beautiful as Jess Barrett in “Focus”.


When it comes to movies, Margot Robbie smiles brightly even though life on set as an actress or producer is always harsh. She is 100% confident that she loves this job and making movies is the greatest happiness. At the age of 28, Robbie has everything from fame, money to the job she dreamed of, was honored in the Top 100 influential people under 30 voted by Forbes and is sought after by brands. However, besides movies, her heart always belongs to her family and her hometown, the land of kangaroos.

Robbie calls every week to check on his siblings and visits home whenever he has time off. Besides, Margot Robbie is always looking forward to a project to develop films in her native Australia and most of all, have a long time to spend with her family. She may be as sexy as possible on the big screen, but in real life, Robbie is a simple, funny and smiling girl. In particular, all the people around her have the same opinion that Robbie has never shown himself to be a star and has never asked for an exception because he is a Hollywood star.

Margot Robbie 4

Margot Robbie’s spectacular transformation in the movie “Terminal”.

Currently, she is living very happily with her husband Tom Ackerley. The couple had a cozy wedding with 50 guests who were close friends. Far from the luxury of Hollywood, the young couple once lived with 5 other close friends in a 3-bedroom apartment in London. Currently, they have moved back to Los Angeles to develop their filmmaking careers and always have warm feelings for each other. Certainly, with her existing talent and always keeping her feet on the ground, Margot Robbie will shine even more strongly, in any role.

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