How did Miley Cyrus ‘pocket’ $160 million?

Miley Cyrus has repeatedly ranked among the top earning and most influential artists in Hollywood. She currently owns 160 million USD.

Celebrity Net Worth estimates Miley Cyrus’s net worth is about $160 million , up slightly from last year. To achieve this result, she had to work continuously for more than 15 years of pursuing art.

After winning her first Grammy Golden Trumpet thanks to the song Flowers , the singer said to focus on new music products. Besides, she won advertising contracts for a number of high-end brands. Dolce & Gabbana has just announced Cyrus as the representative face of their Spring – Summer 2024 collection.

“2024 is a meaningful year for Miley when she can do many things she likes. Ignoring family controversies, she is currently satisfied with her life,” The Things wrote.

“Fire” with all your heart with art

Miley Cyrus’ career reached a new step when she left CAA and signed a contract with WME from February 2020. Billboard said WME, also known as William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, is one of America’s leading entertainment and management companies. Ben Affleck, Jessica Alba, Christian Bale… have also joined this unit.

Under WME, Cyrus released Plastic Hearts , her seventh studio album that marked her breakthrough in rock and glam rock music. After that, Cyrus returned to pop music with the album Endless Summer Vacation , receiving 6.2/10 points on music critic site Pitchfork.

In addition to joining a new company, the bitter love experiences make Cyrus’ image now much different – although still very “womanly”, sexy and individual, but no longer rebellious or flaunting her games. ridiculous.

Miley Cyrus works hard in art. Photo: NFM Magazine.

Miley Cyrus works hard in art. Photo: NFM Magazine.

According to The Things , Cyrus earns tens of millions of dollars a year through music by releasing a total of 8 studio albums, selling more than 23 million albums and more than 55 million singles worldwide. Because he is the author of a number of famous songs, this star also “pockets” additional royalties regularly every year.

Fans always hope Cyrus organizes a global tour after the success of Bangerz Tour 10 years ago. Performing 78 shows in America, Europe and Oceania, Bangerz Tour helped the singer bring in more than 26 million USD .

The influence in music also caused Billy Ray Cyrus’s daughter to win the judge’s seat on The Voice seasons 11 and 13. Hollywood sources revealed that the producer had to spend 26 million USD in exchange for the artist’s nod.

As for her acting career, Cyrus is most famous for playing Hannah Montana in the Disney production of the same name. The role helped her earn 15,000 USD /episode, receiving more than 210,000 USD /season. In the following years, Cyrus participated in the movies The Last Song, So Undercover, Crisis in Six Scenes, Black Mirror… However, she did not focus too much on acting.

Over the past many years, Cyrus has been ranked by Forbes as one of the singers/artists with the best earning potential in the world no less than three times.

Million USD deals

Considered an intelligent and versatile artist, of course Cyrus’ wealth did not only increase rapidly thanks to singing or acting. The Things calls Cyrus a “real estate dealer” who constantly buys and resells villas in the US.

The singer was revealed to have successfully sold 3 properties in a short time, including 2 houses in Hidden Hills for 5 million USD and 7.2 million USD respectively . She transferred the Tennessee farm to the new owner for 14.5 million USD , a profit of up to 8.7 million USD .

Two properties worth $3.9 million and $7.9 million in the Malibu area are still listed as “owned assets” by Cyrus. In addition, she also rents out a number of small apartments.

Miley Cyrus has her own real estate business and fashion brand. Photo: @mileycyrus.

Miley Cyrus has her own real estate business and fashion brand. Photo: @mileycyrus.

Before being caught smoking marijuana, Cyrus was doing well with the fashion brand Miley Cyrus & Max Azria. T-shirts and jeans labeled Cyrus are popular with young people, bringing her millions of dollars in revenue.

No longer in the fashion business, the singer born in 1992 negotiated advertising contracts for Gucci, Converse, Hims & Hers, T-Moblie and most recently Dolce & Gabanna. “Miley can be paid 2 million USD for each advertisement on her Instagram account with more than 216 million followers,” The Things commented.

After a sensitive photo scandal with Vanity Fair magazine at the age of 15, the price for her appearance in the magazine increased rapidly, up to 2,000 USD /photo. In the entertainment world, this is one of the ways to make money quickly without spending too much effort running hard shows.

At the age of 32, Cyrus said she was satisfied with her romantic life with boyfriend Maxx Morando, and set her sights on conquering new heights in her career. In an interview with Billboard , the singer confided that after the emotional events, she “immersed herself in work” to find herself.

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