Dwayne Johnson’s Bloodline: Exploring the Rock’s Relationship to Roman Reigns and All the Other Members of the Anoa’i Family


If you’re a fan of WWE, you’ve probably heard of the famous Anoa’i family. A dynasty of wrestlers that spans several generations and includes some of the biggest names in the industry. Two of the most prominent members of this family are Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Roman Reigns, who have gone on to achieve success and popularity as WWE Superstars.

But how do they relate to each other? And what is their family’s history? Let’s find out, shall we?

The Blood Brothers

The Rock and Roman Reigns are not biologically related, but they belong to the same family by a bond of blood brotherhood. This is a tradition that involves two men who are not related by blood, but who feel a stronger kinship than family ties. And perform a ceremony called “The Blood Oath” to become blood brothers to each other. This practice is not unique to Samoa. In fact, it is carried out all over the world. From Scandinavia to Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia and even among Native Americans, usually to forge a bond between two tribes.

The blood brothers in this case were Big Chief Peter Maivia, the grandfather of The Rock, and Reverend Amituana’i Anoa’i, the grandfather of Roman Reigns. Both were professional wrestlers who came from Samoa and became close friends and allies in the business. They considered each other brothers and treated their families as one

The Third-Generation Cousins

The Rock and Roman Reigns are third-generation wrestlers who inherited their passion and talent from their ancestors The Rock’s father was Rocky Johnson, a Canadian wrestler who married Ata Maivia, the adopted daughter of Peter Maivia. The Rock’s original ring name, Rocky Maivia, was a tribute to his father and grandfather, both pioneers in the wrestling industry.

Roman Reigns’ father was Sika Anoa’i, one-half of the legendary tag team. “The Wild Samoans” with his brother Afa Anoa’i. Both were sons of Amituana’i Anoa’i and nephews of Peter Maivia, whom they saw as their uncle. Roman Reigns, whose real name is Leati Joseph Anoa’i, followed in his father’s footsteps by becoming a wrestler.

The Legacy of the Anoa’i Family
The Rock and Roman Reigns aren’t the only members of the Anoa’i family who have made an impact on WWE. The family has produced many other wrestlers who have won championships and accolades over the years. Some of them are:

The Usos: Considered the Rock’s first cousins once removed due to the “blood brother” ceremony between The Rock’s grandfather and The Usos’ great-grandfather. Seven-time WWE Tag Team Champions and a major part of “The Bloodline” storyline.

Yokozuna: Son of Afoa Anoa’i and cousin of Roman Reigns and the Rock. He was a two-time WWE Champion and WWE Hall of Famer who played a sumo wrestler from Japan.

Rikishi: son of Vera Anoa’i and Solofa Fatu Sr. and cousin of Roman Reigns and the Rock. He was a three-time WWE Tag Team Champion and WWE Hall of Famer, known for his signature move “The Stinkface.”

Umaga: the son of Vera Anoa’i and Solofa Fatu Sr. and cousin of the Brahma Bull and Reigns. He was a two-time WWE Intercontinental Champion and was nicknamed “The Samoan Bulldozer”.

Rosey: Son of Sika Anoa’i and another cousin of Johnson. He was the WWE Tag Team Champion on one occasion and teamed with The Hurricane as a superhero.

Nia Jax: Renate Fanene’s daughter and Dwayne Johnson’s second cousin once removed. They are not directly related through blood on The Rock’s father’s side, but Nia Jax’s father, Joseph Fanene, is the first cousin of Dwayne Johnson’s grandfather, Peter Maivia. This makes them extended family through The Rock’s mother’s side. She is a former WWE Raw Women’s Champion and WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion, known for her power and size.

The Anoa’i family continues to grow and produce new talent, such as Solo Sikoa, the younger brother of The Usos, and another cousin of the Rock. The dynasty is undoubtedly one of the most influential and successful families in WWE history, and The Rock and Roman Reigns are two of its brightest stars. They are related by brotherhood of blood, but also by a legacy of wrestling excellence that spans generations.

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