Does Hailey Bieber Copy and Stalk Selena Gomez? 15+ OUTFITS!

Posted: 2024-6-7

Today, we’re diving into yet another highly requested topic: the alleged copying scandal between Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber. Many of you have been challenging my views with comments about how often Hailey supposedly copies Selena. So, let’s delve into this controversial topic and tally who wore what first.

The “G” Tattoo Controversy

Let’s start with the infamous “G” tattoo. Hailey Bieber got her tattoo in June 2015, behind her ear, to honor Georgia Veach, the daughter of their pastor, who suffers from a brain disorder. Selena Gomez has a similar tattoo for her sister Gracie, also from June 2015. Despite the conspiracy theories, both tattoos were a coincidence and a gesture of support for loved ones.

Tattoos: Lover vs. Rare

In 2019, Hailey got a “lover” tattoo on her neck. A year later, Selena had “rare” tattooed in the same area. This example wasn’t as widely discussed, possibly because it’s not as sensational as the “G” tattoo, but it demonstrates the arbitrary nature of these copying allegations.

White Beach Outfit

A widely circulated post claims Selena copied Hailey’s white beach outfit. However, Hailey wore it first on December 4, 2016, while on a yacht. Selena donned a similar outfit on February 20, 2018. This instance shows how misinformation can spread.

Silk Dress Drama

Selena wore a silk dress for her 2017 AMAs performance, similar to one Hailey wore on October 29, 2017. Again, Hailey was first, debunking the copying claims.

Guns N’ Roses Graphic Tee

Selena’s fans have accused Hailey of copying her Guns N’ Roses graphic tee look. Hailey wore it first on May 9, 2016, while Selena’s photos were posted on May 17, 2016.

Balenciaga Gray Sweater

This Balenciaga sweater scenario is another example. Selena wore her version on December 28, 2018, while Hailey’s hoodie version appeared on January 3, 2019. Accusations of copying here are particularly flimsy since they’re different garments from the same brand.

Date Night Silk Dress

The iconic silk dress Selena wore on June 6, 2017, for a date night with Abel Tesfaye (The Weeknd) was worn by Hailey two months earlier, on April 2, 2017. Despite this, Hailey often gets accused of copying.

The “J” Ring/Tattoo

Selena received a promise ring from Justin Bieber in 2012, featuring the letter “J.” Years later, Hailey got a “J” tattoo on her ring finger. Critics overlook that Hailey also had a star tattoo on the same finger in 2020, which Selena replicated in 2022.

Cooking Show Comparisons

Selena’s cooking show debuted in August 2020. Hailey’s followed in 2023, but she had been sharing cooking content with Justin as early as May 2020. Therefore, claims of copying here don’t hold up either.

The Phrase “I Wish People Knew My Heart”

Accusations that Hailey copied Selena’s heartfelt phrase are unfounded. It’s a common sentiment and not exclusive to any individual.

Okie Dokie

Similarly, Hailey saying “okie dokie” once led to allegations of copying Selena. However, this phrase has been in use since the 1930s, showing how baseless these claims can be.

Hand Gestures in Videos

Both Hailey and Selena use hand gestures in videos, a common practice among beauty influencers. Accusations here are equally unfounded.

Black Dresses

A viral collage of both wearing black dresses fails to acknowledge that Hailey wore her dress first on September 17, 2017, with Selena following in November 2017.

Fur Jackets

Another viral post shows both in fur jackets, but Hailey wore hers first on March 9, 2019, while Selena’s look came in December 2020.

Yellow Sweater with Leather Jacket

Yet another instance where Hailey’s outfit precedes Selena’s alleged copycat look.

Skirt and Blazer Duo

Even with similar outfits, many times Hailey is found to have worn it first.

The Vogue Outfits YouTube Videos

Both did videos for Vogue’s “Life in Looks” series, a common format. Hailey’s video drew copying claims, despite the format being widely used by many celebrities.

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