“The devil works hard, but Taylor Swift works harder” (The devil works very hard, but Taylor Swift works even harder). It’s no coincidence that fans say that about the blonde superstar. In less than the first two months of 2024, she continuously appeared at major entertainment events while maintaining The Eras Tour, and even “surprised” fans with a brand new studio album. .

If you have to name the factors that have made Taylor Swift’s brilliant success in nearly 20 years of singing, “hard work” is definitely one of the most important keywords. Work hard to make music, work hard to participate in big events, work hard to interact with fans,… Taylor never makes fans “hungry” for music and always knows how to appear at the right place at the right time to maintain her music. His popularity with the public. Ignoring all the complaints about the boring coverage or releasing too many albums, the female singer born in 1989 simply worked hard and devoted herself to her art.

She is a “robot” with a lot of energy

From some rumors about Taylor Swift actually being a robot produced by the US government (this information has been denied by NASA), fans have used this nickname to refer to her hard work and always being energetic. Her unbelievable quality.

Taylor and Lana Del Rey at the 66th Grammy Awards.

The 66th Grammy Awards ceremony takes place on February 4 US time, which is February 5 Japan time. Meanwhile, Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour begins its Asian leg on February 7 in Tokyo, Japan. This has made many people suspect that the female singer will not be able to attend the Grammys due to the long travel time and practice schedule before the show. However, Taylor was present at the Grammys and “rocked” hard with her colleagues, bringing extremely memorable moments to the awards ceremony. On February 7, as usual, the beauty appeared in front of tens of thousands of audiences at the “concert cathedral” Tokyo Dome with a professional demeanor and extremely satisfying performances for more than 3 hours.

Taylor Swift performed for four consecutive days at Tokyo Dome – the “concert cathedral” in Asia.

Taylor Swift performed in Japan for four consecutive days from February 7-10. Immediately after that, the Super Bowl final with the confrontation between the Kansas City Chiefs (the team of Travis Kelce, Taylor’s boyfriend) and the San Francisco 49ers took place on February 11. The story of whether or not the blonde superstar could fly from Japan back to the US to support her boyfriend has become a hotly discussed topic across media platforms and social networks. Even the Japanese Embassy in the US has issued a document confirming that the “Cruel Summer” singer can completely fly back to the US from the final show in Tokyo without being late for the opening of the Super Bowl, because Japan travels. 14 hours ahead of America. Although most audiences are looking forward to Taylor Swift’s presence at the Super Bowl, the singer’s fans cannot help but worry about her health when she has to work at high intensity and travel long distances. such a big way.

Taylor Swift came to cheer her boyfriend at the Super Bowl and did not forget to “give sugar” to the fans.

And as expected, the Pop superstar was present at Super Bowl 2024 to cheer for boyfriend Travis Kelce. Without showing any signs of fatigue, Taylor is always radiant and full of energy in every frame. She also attended the victory celebration party with her boyfriend’s team, continuing to “show off” and dance as if she had never experienced a flight back and forth from the other side of the world. 5 days after the Super Bowl event, the beauty continued her tour on February 16 in Melbourne, Australia. Just as she once shared in an interview with TIME magazine, since The Eras Tour began, there has been no reason, except an emergency, that can prevent Taylor Swift from stepping on stage and singing. singing beautiful music for his fans.

The blonde female superstar performed three nights in a row at the Melbourne Cricket Ground – the largest stadium in the Southern Hemisphere.

The artist diligently creates art

Not only does she satisfy fans with her constant appearances, Taylor Swift also makes everyone admire her with her creativity and remarkable time management ability. She tours with a tight schedule, attends big events, hangs out with friends… but still maintains music production activities. At the 66th Grammy Awards, the beauty once again “shaken” the audience when announcing her 11th studio album.

For most European and American artists, they often release albums 2 to 5 years or more apart, depending on personal ability or interests. As for Taylor, her fixed schedule is to release an album every two years, and the time between the two albums will be spent on tour and promotional activities. Accordingly, two years after the release of “Midnights” (2022), the female singer will continue to release a new album this year. However, due to great demand, The Eras Tour has lasted longer than expected until the end of 2024, leading many people to believe that the owner of the hit “Anti-Hero” will not release a new album during this time. However, far exceeding fans’ expectations, Taylor Swift still maintains music production activities and sets the release date for her latest album “The Tortured Poets Department” on April 19.

Taylor Swift’s 11th studio album – “The Tortured Poets Department”.

Besides the new albums, the “Snake Queen” is also on track to complete the project of re-recording her first 6 albums. Even though she alternately releases both new albums and re-recorded albums, Taylor Swift always knows how to make fans excited instead of bored due to the “overabundance” of music. All of her albums, whether released after ten years or a completely new album, will receive enthusiastic support from the public with extremely positive sales figures. Currently, even though they are waiting for a new album, Swifties (Taylor’s fandom) still hope that the blonde superstar will announce the release of a re-recorded version of the “reputation” album.

According to science, temperature is generated based on the constant movement between atoms and molecules that make up matter. Similar to Taylor Swift, the female singer’s lasting appeal is shaped by her spirit of hard work and constant “movement” in the creative process and artistic activities. When someone asked Taylor why she made so many albums, she simply replied: “Because I love it so much. Making music always makes me feel so happy!” . Hits, awards or “dramas” can make an artist’s name more known, but to go a long way and still be as brilliant as Taylor Swift, it will definitely require a lot of hard work and dedication. Try your best without stopping.

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