Close Call: Ariana Grande’s Honeymoon Tour starts with a scare as she narrowly escapes a lift malfunction

Ariana Grande demonstrates her commitment to performing no matter what obstacles come her way. The 21-year-old singer faced a scary situation when she found herself stuck in a malfunctioning lift during the opening night of her The Honeymoon Tour in Kansas City. Despite the danger, the Problem hitmaker continued to belt out her hit song, Love Me Harder.

Check her out! Ariana Grande started her The Honeymoon Tour in Kansas City last night.

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In a state of panic, Ariana Grande exclaimed to her friends and coworkers that she had a near-death experience while dodging a mishap with the equipment during the reenactment of her agile moves. The singer recounted the incident, saying, “I was supposed to ascend in my lift for the Love Me Harder performance, in this wooden contraption that raises me up. I thought I was a goner!” Ariana Grande shares the details on her Honeymoon Tour vlog.

Awesome! The singer behind the hit song Honeymoon Avenue shared a thrilling moment where she avoided a serious injury by reacting quickly. She demonstrated how a platform broke and shifted from horizontal to vertical, putting her in danger of being crushed by metal and wood. Ariana described how she grabbed onto a beam above her head as the lift moved up, until she was rescued by crew members. She even joked about not dropping the mic and continuing to sing through the adrenaline rush.

Great news! The singer and actress had a lucky escape from a broken elevator, using her quick reflexes to avoid any harm until crew members came to rescue her.

Overwhelmed: Shock spread across her face as her colleagues recounted the incident they had witnessed.

Scary moment: Ariana recounted to her crew how she felt like she was on the verge of being crushed by machinery, metal, and wooden debris when the platform she was standing on collapsed.

On her tiptoes: In a later part of the video, the small-sized star mentioned, ‘I didn’t let go of the microphone. I was thinking, “Oh, I have to keep singing.”‘ She could be heard shouting with joy towards the end of the video, exclaiming, ‘I’m breathing! I’m breathing!’ Ariana expressed her feelings about her almost life-threatening experience on Twitter and YouTube following the show. ‘I came so close to death. I can’t shake this off because it was truly insane,’ she shared in a YouTube video posted on Thursday, documenting her tour journey. After the performance, Ariana tweeted, ‘We did it!!!! I had a close call but other than that, it was pretty good! I adore you, Kansas City. So much. Thank you for enduring my nerves.’

After a scary near-death experience that left her shaken, she took to Twitter and Youtube to vent about what happened. She even teased sharing the full story with her fans, promising an interesting tale. Despite the close call, she stated that the night would be unforgettable and thanked everyone for their support. Reflecting on the experience, she couldn’t believe she survived to make it on stage and share her story.

In a recent Youtube video, Ariana shared her chilling near-death experience, describing it as the craziest moment of her life. The incident has been on her mind constantly, and she opens up about it while documenting her tour journey.

Putting on a spectacular show, the brunette beauty is feeling immensely proud and grateful for her hardworking crew and friends as she kicks off her highly anticipated second world tour. Despite some minor mishaps, Ariana expressed her excitement for the journey ahead. Prior to the show, the Victorious star shared her enthusiasm with her fans, revealing the dedication and long hours put into rehearsals.

Looking absolutely stunning! Ariana appeared regal while perched elegantly on a piano, wearing a dazzling top paired with a flowing sheer skirt adorned with a luxurious cascade of purple roses.

Dazzling: The pop star looked incredible in a sparkly rhinestone crop top paired with a matching skirt and high heels. ‘We are all set and as prepared as we can be! However, tonight is the debut show, so anything can happen. At least you get to witness it first lol! If any technical issues arise or if things go awry, please be patient and just laugh it off with us!!! We are feeling extremely nervous and excited. You have no clue. I’ve already shed so many tears of joy today that I can’t even keep track anymore.’

Up next on Ariana’s tour schedule is a visit to Milwaukee, Wisconsin this upcoming Saturday, with a stop in Saint Paul, Minnesota the following day. Her jet-setting adventures continue as she takes her show on the road.

Exploring the globe: Following a tour across the United States, the popular singer will be heading to Paris for a performance, with plans to visit various other European countries afterwards. During the show, Ariana dazzled the audience with her spectacular vocals while donning a variety of playful and stylish outfits. Her look ranged from gothic chic in a beaded black crop top and matching skirt paired with suede thigh-high stiletto boots to a monochrome mini dress with black bodice and white skirt, complete with black and white checkered cat ears. She also channeled a princess vibe while perched on a piano in a sparkling top and sheer skirt adorned with purple roses and a sweeping train.

Check out Ariana’s amazing outfits! She rocked the stage in a variety of playful and stylish looks while belting out her songs.

We did it! She celebrated later that night by raising her hands in victory and giving a cheeky wink to the camera in a stylish outfit. The singer also looked amazing in a sparkling crop top and matching skirt with pumps. Her half-brother, who is a theatre performer, joined her at the show wearing a colorful outfit and a bright orange mohawk. Ariana’s next tour stops will be in Milwaukee, Wisconsin this Saturday, followed by Saint Paul, Minnesota on Sunday. After performing in the US, the singer will head to Paris for a show before continuing on to other European countries.

Check out Ariana’s stunning photo showcasing her slender figure, captioned simply as ‘honeymoon.’

Family: At her show, Ariana was accompanied by her half-brother Frankie Grande, who is a theatre performer. He caught everyone’s attention with his vibrant outfit and a bold orange mohawk while standing outside the venue.

At just 32 years old, Frankie effortlessly pulled off an eclectic look with a stylish graphic shirt paired with light pink trousers and eye-catching turquoise sneakers.

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