Christian Bale, Margot Robbie ‘transform’ in Oscar makeup movie

An actor becomes an imposing politician in “Vice” while a Hollywood sex bomb turns into a red-haired queen in “Mary, Queen of Scots”.

Vice , Border and Mary, Queen of Scots compete in the 2019 Oscar makeup and hairdo categories. In Vice , in addition to Christian Bale’s efforts to gain weight, makeup helps him recreate the image of US Vice President Dick Cheney. From age 21 to age 75, plays an important role. The project brings together experts Greg Cannom, Kate Biscoe and Patricia Dehaney, in which Cannom has won three makeup Oscars, most recently with The Curious Case of Benjamin Button  (2008).

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Hollywood actors transform themselves in Oscar-nominated movies using makeup.

According to Hollywood Reporter , Bale was fitted with prosthetics on his neck, cheeks and chin to look fatter. The actor also wears two small accessories on his nose – one that covers his dent and one that makes the tip longer. To film Cheney as an old man, he shaved his head, then used accessories to make his head look wider, like the real model.

Christian Bale wanted makeup props that wouldn’t limit his expressions. The actor brought them and checked his acting many times before agreeing. Every day, the crew spent nearly four hours preparing Bale’s appearance. Some days, they had to do it twice because the actor filmed two different stages of the character. And female star Amy Adams wore a wig as Dick Cheney’s wife.



Trailer phim “Vice”.

Border is a Swedish work that won the Unique Vision award at the Cannes Film Festival before competing at the Oscars. The story revolves around a man and woman who look like trolls (Norse mythological creatures). In charge of makeup are Pamela Goldammer and  Göran Lundström – artists who worked on Beauty and the Beast .

The nose of the female star – Eva Melander – is made wider and has an unusual shape, while her ears look more pointy. She also wore multiple wigs for different stages of her character. Male star  Eero Milonoff is dressed similarly but has many aggressive features, suitable for the character’s personality.  In nude scenes, actors are fitted with prosthetics.

According to the expert group , the most difficult scene is when the two characters swim due to time pressure. The crew had to use silicon instead of gelatin – their favorite material but partially disintegrates in water.

Queen Elizabeth I in paintings and films.

Mary Queen of Scots tells the story of the relationship between Mary (Queen of Scotland,  played by Saoirse Ronan ) and Elizabeth I (Queen of England,  Margot Robbie ) in the 16th century. Historically, Elizabeth was famous for her red wig and facial features. Face covered with white powder (covering smallpox scars). Actress Margot Robbie was dressed to match this description. According to the director’s request, Hollywood’s “sex bomb” had to look so different that the audience wouldn’t recognize it.

In scenes where Elizabeth is not wearing makeup, makeup artist  Jenny Shircore applied the scars to Robbie’s face. She shared that this is the most difficult step, taking from two and a half to three hours.  In addition, the crew prepared red hairdos for the two female stars . Robbie’s outfit was bright red, while Ronan’s was a softer red and yellow, matching her slightly pale skin. Critics say makeup and costumes are the bright spots in a work that doesn’t stand out in terms of content.

The 91st Academy Awards ceremony took place on the morning of February 25 (Hanoi time).

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