Cat Abandoned On The Street Won’t Stop Kissing His New Mom On Her Nose

The number of strays continues to rise as more and more ignorant and irresponsible owners dump their pets on the street. The abandoned animals have no choice but to fend for themselves to survive the cruel urban jungle. Luckily, there are still a few kind-hearted people left who try to save them and give them a new chance in life.

Today’s story involves an abandoned cat who was found hiding under a car.

It was one sunny afternoon when a woman found a poor cat in a parking lot, taking shelter underneath her son’s car. The cat was hiding from the hundred degrees heat and was cooling itself off by lying on the cool concrete pavement that was covered by the car.

The concerned woman immediately called Cats of San Bernardino, a non-profit organization based in San Bernardino, California, to check the cat’s situation.

The rescuers then rushed to the scene and gently extracted the cat under the car. Luckily for them, the cat was not feral; thus, they easily got the cat out from its temporary shelter.

The rescuers knew that the cat was abandoned by its previous owners.

“He was just like “Please, someone take me,” Jaina, from Cats of San Bernardino, told The Dodo. “He just allowed to be picked up and he wasn’t moving.”

The rescuers then slowly coaxed the poor feline into the carrier so they could take him to the vet to be examined.

Immediately, they had the cat examined and mistakenly assumed that it was female; in fact, they later discovered that the cat was already neutered. The cat was severely malnourished with a lot of matted fur and bald patches. They deduced that the cat’s previous owners moved and left the poor cat on the street.

The doctors found a swollen lump on the cat’s forehead.

The cat has a bald patch on his forehead that extended to one eye. They also found a swollen part that made one of his eyes only half-opened. It was a skin abscess and it had to be taken care of quickly so they immediately gave her antibiotics. The cat was calm throughout the examination, and after a few hours, he was ready to be taken home.

Jaina and Ivy helped the cat heal and they were just surprised by the cat’s transformation after a few weeks.

Jaina and Ivy, who were also part of the CSB organization, named the cat Valentino, and he was on his way to recovery. On day one, the cat was still very weak and dehydrated. Jaina then gave the weak feline some injections to help him recover.

Within days of staying with them, Valentino’s fur abscess began to flatten up and his fur was growing back. The cat slowly regained its weight and strength and both his rescuers were ecstatic by the results of their hard work.

Valentino shows his utmost gratitude by giving them a lot of snuggles.

In a few weeks, Valentino had most of his fur back.

Jaina and Ivy were just shocked to see his personality suddenly change into an overly-clingy cat that always wanted to be around them. Every time they picked Valentino and placed him above their chests, the cat would just sit there for a long time and give them sweet licks on their face.

Valentino the cat was indeed thankful for his rescuers for giving him a chance in life. His affection is his payback for their good deed.

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