C.Ronaldo’s untold story about his father made listeners cry with emotion


Throughout his professional career, Cristiano Ronaldo has rarely brought up the subject of his father when speaking with various media sources during interviews.

The Portuguese superstar has never spoken on the issue, and the only time his father has been in the spotlight throughout his career is in connection with the scandal involving Ronaldo’s late brother, Aveiro.

Cristiano Ronaldo's alcoholic father was a soldier who fought in Africa and died before seeing his son become a superstar | The Sun

On the other hand, he discussed José Dinis Aveiro in his first interview with Piers Morgan in 2017, which took place in 2017. Ronaldo said that he had never had a regular talk with his father since his father spent the majority of their time drinking. This was the reason why he had never had a regular conversation with his father.

Ronaldo's sister posts touching message to late father - AS USA

The following words were made by Ronaldo in reference to his late brother Aveiro, who went away in the year 2005:

“The more I find out about the war, the more I comprehend the reasons why he turned out to be the man he did. When I talk about my dad, I can’t find the words to describe how I feel.”

Cristiano Ronaldo breaks down in tears after seeing footage of his late father | Daily Mail Online

The forward broke down in tears as Morgan played a video for him in which Ronaldo’s father reflected on his son’s achievements as an Al Nassr star player. He asserted that he had never come across it before and stated:

“I’ve never watched the video. It defies all logic and reason. It must have meant a great deal to hear your father talk about how pleased he was of you, right? Yes, it does. I was hoping the interview would be humorous; I had no idea it would make me cry.”

Cristiano Ronaldo's father turned to drink after war in Africa - but alcohol led to death with son at his side - Irish Mirror Online

He added: “He was a drunk person. I never spoke to him like a normal person, a normal conversation.”

Since the interview, Piers Morgan has backed Cristiano Ronaldo.

Piers Morgan, who had previously been known for his ardent support of Lionel Messi, came to a different conclusion after having a conversation with Cristiano Ronaldo in the year 2017. A year ago, the journalist conducted an explosive interview, which ultimately led to Manchester United deciding to terminate the contract of their valued asset.

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