Brunei’s star eclipses Ronaldo’s wealth by an astounding 40-fold on the Top 10 Richest Players Worldwide list

Ronaldo is known as one of the most successful sports stars of all time, but his wealth is still only ranked 3rd among players.

According to Esquire , Cristiano Ronaldo is the 3rd richest player in the world with a fortune of 780 million USD . The name of the Portuguese player has become a famous global brand.

In addition to the highest salary in the world (more than 200 million USD per year), Ronaldo’s income also comes from restaurant and fashion businesses. In addition, CR7’s personal page also has more than 600 million followers. This is also the place that brought him a series of lucrative advertising contracts.

Ronaldo anh 1
Ronaldo is the richest among current players.
Ranked above Ronaldo is a name quite familiar to football fans, Mathieu Flamini. The French midfielder’s football career is quite modest with 3 FA Cup championships with Arsenal, 1 Scudetto (Serie A championship) with Milan.

However, Flamini’s huge wealth ( 21.8 billion USD ) comes from business. The former Arsenal player is the co-founder and CEO of GF Biochemicals, the world’s leading chemical manufacturer. The levulinic acid produced by Flamini’s group is considered a sustainable alternative to oil-based products.

Leading the ranking of the world’s richest players is Faiq Bolkiah ( 31.2 billion USD ). The player born in 1998 is not a world-famous star like Ronaldo, nor does he have a successful business career like Flamini. However, Faiq holds a fortune that every player cannot dream of having.

In fact, the player born in 1998 is the son of Jefri Bolkiah, younger brother of the King of Brunei with a fortune of tens of billions of dollars. A few years ago, the media reported that Mr. Jefri could spend $35 million on cars, watches, and diamonds in just one month. Faiq is said to own up to 2,300 cars and countless properties.

In 2005, the Prince of Brunei even spared no expense to invite Michael Jackson to perform at his birthday party with a total cost of up to 15 million USD .

The remaining names in the top richest players in the world all only have 9-digit assets. David Beckham ranked 4th with a total fortune of 630 million euros.

Ranked 5th is Lionel Messi with a fortune of 625 million euros. If he had agreed to come to the Saudi Pro League last summer, the Argentine superstar would have certainly surpassed President Beckham in terms of wealth. It is known that Messi rejected an offer of nearly 700 million USD per year from Al Hilal.

Ronaldo anh 1

Ranking of the richest players/former players on the planet 1. Faiq Bolkiah ( 31.2 billion USD ).

2. Mathieu Flamini ( 21.8 billion USD ).

3. Cristiano Ronaldo ( 780 million USD ).

4. David Beckham ( 630 million USD ).

5. Lionel Messi ( 625 million USD ).

6. Dave Whelan ( 345 million USD ).

7. Neymar ( 310 million USD ).

8. Zlatan Ibrahimovic ( 300 million USD ).

9. Ronaldo Nazario ( 250 million USD ).

10. Kylian Mbappe ( 235 million USD ).

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