“Bro Got the Chris Evans Trim”: Dwayne Johnson Wows Fans With Incredible Transformation for Upcoming MMA Based Movie

Since Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson transitioned to acting from professional wrestling, he has always been the go-to person when movie producers want someone authentic to represent a combat sports persona on the silver screen. Likewise, ‘The Rock’ is currently filming a movie titled ‘The Smashing Machine’ based on the life story of MMA pioneer, Mark Kerr. However, it’s not the movie itself but Johnson’s haircut that has fans talking.

Mark Kerr is well known for winning the World Vale Tudo Championship and the UFC Heavyweight Tournament twice and has been bestowed with more than twenty-one mixed martial arts titles in his entire career. Interestingly, to replicate Kerr’s look, The Rock had to wear facial prosthetics and even adopt a hairstyle very different from his own.

Needless to say, Johnson’s new look posted by ‘DiscussingFilm‘ led to some interesting reactions from fans who seemed to love his new hairstyle.

Reacting to the post one fan exclaimed, “Bro got the Chris Evans trim.”

Another shocked fan took to X and wrote, “That’s really him?! Give that make up team the Oscar now.”

“he looks unrecognizable. this might mean he’s going to go all out show his acting chops.”– commented a fan.