Blending Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

After nearly a year of confinement, outdoor living spaces have been growing in popularity and have become sanctuaries of relaxation, providing a space for people to feel connected with nature. In fact, the demand for improvements on outdoor areas only keeps growing, spurring interesting architectural design strategies to blend outdoor and indoor spaces. Creating a seamless flow between the two offers several benefits to one’s home. It can double the floor space and provide an opportunity to host more guests, enjoy the comfort of more living space and appreciate the phycological benefits linked to being outdoors.

How To Create an Indoor/Outdoor Living Space

This amplified priority of being able to enjoy the outside area at home has meant a huge shift in trends being seen in the outdoors nationwide. Today we’ll take a look at 3 different strategies implemented by builders, architects and remodelers to create the perfect indoor/outdoor designs for their customers.

Glass sliding doors are an easy way to gain access to outdoor areas. Windows and doors manufacturers have witnessed an increase in demand for larger, floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors. When closed, these doors protect the home from inclement weather and animals, but when open, they create an expansion of the indoor space by welcoming the fresh air, outdoor aromas and warmth of natural light. Opposed to traditional doors, sliding doors allow for a much larger opening and are easily adapted to a variety of needs and home styles. Whether slider, bi-fold or multi-slide, sliding doors create the impressions of spaciousness in a room, without eliminating any outside area of adding unnecessary height to a home.

Home Design Trends: Why Indoor-Outdoor Living Spaces are so Popular

Folding glass doors are changing the world of interior design, giving homeowners innovative design options that easily convert their indoor and outdoor spaces. These types of doors are different than anything else on the market, as they can fully open with panels stacked neatly to one side. Folding glass doors open up the indoors to views and a grand wall of light, while still blocking out the noise when necessary. In fact, not only can a folding glass wall allow more light and fresh air, but they can also create the illusion that the indoor space is larger than it actually is, receiving the magnificence of nature into the house. With folding doors, you are able to effortlessly serve meals on your veranda or deck and create a unique dining experience in your expansive indoor-outdoor room.

Blending Indoor and Outdoor Spaces - Open Up to Performance

Pass-through windows are a great way to have a more seamless connection from indoors to out and are ideal for areas with limited space. Pass-through windows are perfect to make the home more conducive to indoor-outdoor living. Installing one of these windows allows to convert the space to an open layout, while still offering the convenience of a window. Whether you’re enjoying a simple grill-out with family and friends, or having a romantic dinner with your loved one, a pass-through window will keep everyone connected to the food and conversation.

How To Create an Indoor/Outdoor Living Space

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