Arsenal fan who watches games in nothing but body paint ‘won’t stop’ despite outrage

‘In my brain, I’m fully covered’

An Arsenal fan who goes to games wearing only a painted-on football kit has said she has no plans to stop despite anger from some.

Arabella Mia has amassed millions of followers on social media after sharing footage and pictures of her going to Gunners games with only body paint covering herself.

She spends hours every morning having the design painted on her, before going to the match

Last weekend, she was in attendance at the Emirates Stadium for Arsenal’s dramatic 1-0 win against Manchester City, and decided to have the team’s luminous yellow away kit painted on her body.

Speaking to the Daily Star after the encounter, she said she was delighted with the win.

Arabella painted Arsenal’s yellow away kit on her body for their 1-0 match against Man City (Instagram/greengirlbella)

She told the publication: “It’s great! Hopefully Man City are out of the way now. They’ve obviously dropped points and they’re third now? So it’s good for us. But yeah, ready for the Chelsea game on the 21st!”

Whilst her bold looks has seen her rise to stardom on TikTok and Instagram, not everyone is happy with Arabella turning up to games topless, raising concerns over children seeing her at the stadium.

Arabella said the Man City game was the first time she had received any criticism or backlash over her matchday attire (or lack of), claiming it had never been an issue before.

She said: “Nobody says anything to my face. Like, I always get people asking for pictures, like families and stuff like that. It’s never an issue when I’m there.

“I speak to the police come over to me and they’re always like, ‘Oh, you look amazing’, or the stewards, you know, every single time that I’ve gone out.

“I think it’s mostly just the fact that people don’t know the difference between indecent exposure and people are looking at it and thinking, okay, there’s kids there.

“But in my brain, I’m like, I’m fully covered. Not even my nipples are showing, the only thing that you can see is a bit of underboob if you’re looking at me, like I’m an object that is to be looked at and sexualised that way.”

Arabella does have an OnlyFans account, but she says this is irrelevant to what she does on matchdays, arguing that she’s not “giving out business cards and being like ‘go and have a look at this.’”

She said it’s difficult to come home and see the abuse, but that despite this she has no plans to stop wearing her body paint kits to Arsenal games.

When asked if the social media backlash would stop her, she said: “No. Definitely not.

“I mean, the thing is, it’s my thing now. I will continue doing it. And people should always feel comfortable in their own body no matter what they look like.”

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