Arsenal bans fans from entering the stadium indefinitely if they sell tickets to Bayern fans

Arsenal will be banned from attending matches indefinitely, with Gunners fans selling tickets to Bayern Munich fans to enter Emirates Stadium to watch the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals.

Arsenal fans will be banned from the stadium indefinitely if they sell tickets to Bayern fans. (Source: Getty Images)
Arsenal fans will be banned from the stadium indefinitely if they sell tickets to Bayern fans. (Source: Getty Images)

Arsenal has just posted a “tough” notice to prevent Bayern Munich fans from entering Emirates Stadium to cheer in the first leg of this season’s Champions League quarter-finals.

Specifically, Arsenal will impose an indefinite ban on Gunners fans from attending matches for selling tickets to Bayern Munich fans at Emirates Stadium.

“There were risks involved in the match as Bayern Munich were not allocated a number of tickets. Any fans holding season tickets or membership seats were found to have transferred ownership to fans of the away team will be suspended indefinitely,” said a statement released by Arsenal.

According to Arsenal, this decision was made to ensure security against the risk of chaos that happened before.

According to British media, in 2017 at the UEFA Europa League, the match between Arsenal and Cologne began in a chaotic scene because Cologne fans bought back tickets from Arsenal members and electronic ticketing sites.

That match had to be postponed for more than an hour compared to the original schedule due to many groups of Cologne fans clashing with the stadium management, police as well as Arsenal fans.

Previously, the European Football Federation (UEFA) fined Bayern Munich to play away matches in the quarterfinals of this year’s Champions League without fans.

This penalty was given after Bayern Munich fans threw firecrackers onto the field in the match against Lazio in the 1/8 round.

The match between Arsenal and Bayern Munich in the first leg of the quarterfinals of this season’s Champions League will take place at 2 a.m. tomorrow (April 10) at Emirates Stadium.

This is considered one of the most fateful matches in this prestigious arena when the two teams have faced each other many times.

Bayern Munich has surpassed Arsenal many times, even with big scores. However, at the present time, the Gunners are in better form than the Gray Tigers.

In the most recent match between the two teams, Arsenal had a 3-0 victory over Brighton to climb to the top of the Premier League, while Bayern lost to Heidenheim and officially surrendered in the Bundesliga race./.

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