Ariana Grande called out MAC MILLER 928 times in vain after he passed away in September 2018

“Ariana Grande once shared in an interview that after Mac Miller passed away in September 2018, she called out his name 928 times in vain. Mac Miller, a famous American rapper, had collaborated with Ariana on the song “The Way” from her debut album “Yours Truly.” The pair then developed a romantic relationship.

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However, tragedy struck when Mac Miller suddenly passed away at the age of 26. He became one of the most significant exes in the singer’s life. Mac Miller’s image always remained in Ariana’s mind and served as inspiration for many of her songs.

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When listening to the song “eternal sunshine,” many fans are reminded of Ariana Grande’s remarks about Mac Miller. In particular, naming the album is believed to be related to the late rapper. “eternal sunshine” is inspired by the famous film “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” – Mac Miller’s favorite movie.

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What further touches fans is that in the title track, they recognize Mac Miller’s laughter in the intro. Ariana Grande’s inclusion of this sound in “eternal sunshine” can be seen as entirely intentional.

Furthermore, the intro (end of the world) with Ariana Grande’s thoughtful lyrics immerses listeners in emotion:

“If the sun stopped shining; Would you still be mine? Do you want me there; If tonight the moon turns dark?… If it all ends by tomorrow; Would I still be your favorite?”

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