9 Types of Unique Trailing Plants You Should Grow Indoors

If you’ve been looking for the perfect cascading beauty for your home, here are the best Unique Trailing Plants worth trying!

Here are some unique trailing plants that stand out from the common specimens like pothos and philos of the botanical world.

1. Trailing Begonia

You might have grown Begonias before but not like this one. For the best display, you can go for Angel Wing Begonia, Trailing Bolivian, and Coral.

⁠2. Trailing Jade

Forget about the typical upright Jade plant. You should try a Ripple Jade and plant it in a hanging basket or keep it on a shelf.

⁠3. Trailing Rosemary

Rosemary’s not just for culinary use – you can use this herb to add fragrant (and trailing) greenery to your home. Try varieties like Golden Trailing Rosemary and Silver Falls.

⁠4. Trailing Peperomia

There are many good Peperomia varieties like Cupid, Red Edge, and Belly Button with beautiful patterns that will trail down nicely.

5. Trailing African Violet

You must have seen African Violets before, but have you ever seen them cascade like a waterfall? Try growing types like African Violet ‘Red Rider Trail’ or ‘Little Trio.’

6. Trailing Ferns

Boston sword fern is the trailing beauty, and if you keep its pot on a high plant stand, it will enhance the show of its trailing fronds by heaps and bounds!

7. Trailing Spider Plant

These plants usually grow only 1-2 feet, but if you go with Curly and Hawaiian spider plants, they will look perfect!

8. Trailing Maranta

Marantas offer stunning patterns and colors on the foliage, and keeping them on a high spot ensures they train beautifully downwards.

9. Pellionia daveauana

If you are a fan of colors, then this is a must-grow! The twin shades of green on its leaves, especially when they dangle down, look spectacular!

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