6 Colorful House Plants I Love

Any time I style a home, house plants are an absolute essential. Not only do they purify the air, but they also add beautiful texture and a bit of life to any space — even a low light room. I also love to mix in a few colorful house plants to break up the sea of green. I’ve got loads of personal favorites, but I managed to narrow the list down to these 6 must-have colorful house plants!

The Best Colorful House Plants to Add Style to Your Home

I tried to keep this list short and sweet — and totally attainable. Some plants (*cough cough* fiddle leaf fig) are impossible to keep alive, so you won’t find many of those on this list. And if I missed a vibrant, colorful plant that you love, let me know and I’ll add it to the post.


This house plant is extremely popular because of it’s vibrant green, orange, and yellow leaves — but it can be difficult to maintain! Because a Croton plant is a tropical plant, it will require warmer temperatures and extra humidity. Petra is the most commonly found variety and enjoys lots of sunlight and moist soil.


My love of the nerve plant (aka fittonia) is well-documented. It’s just so cute and there are so many varieties of it! It can definitely be a finicky, temperamental house plant because it enjoys low light and high humidity. I’ve had the best luck with mine when it grows in a terrarium.


Sometimes called a Wandering Jew, this house plant grows really well and is super-easy to maintain. There are several varieties of this colorful house plant. Usually this plant has white and green striped leaves with purple undersides, but there are also striped pink and purple versions, too.

Your tradescantia is happiest in a hanging planter, away from overly bright light. It’s also really easy to propagate! Cut off a piece and place in water, then watch the roots grow.


This colorful house plant is another personal favorite of mine! Sometimes called a Prayer Plant, Calathea is especially cool because the leaves wave and move based on the time of day. Plus, there are tons of options. The leaves are often dark green with purple or maroon undersides. Plus, there are often geometric and abstract patterns on each leaf.


If you’re looking for a house plant with a tropical vibe, look no further than the African Mask Plant. Sometimes called Elephant’s Ear, this house plant has massive, textured leaves with silvery veins. This tropical plant does love a lot of humidity though, so make sure you can provide that before purchasing!


Lastly, Peperomia is a house plant with tons of colorful leaf varieties. You’ll find options with yellow, green, burgundy, and purple leaves. I’d call this house plant moderately easy to keep alive because it needs moderate light and soil that is moist but not soggy.

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