20 Deck Privacy Ideas for Your Outdoor Oasis

Modern furniture on a wood deck with privacy fence

Building the perfect outdoor oasis means choosing the correct materials, incorporating lush plants, and selecting comfortable furniture. It’s also important to consider deck privacy ideas so your backyard retreat allows you to relax out of view of all your neighbors.

From fast-growing shrubs to privacy screens, there are many ways to create a more intimate outdoor area. Some are easy to install, while others are more extensive projects that may require a builder. Some are simply practical, while others will transform your yard into what feels like a secret garden.

Whether you have a suburban patch of grass or an urban rooftop, here are 20 deck privacy ideas that help prevent neighbors and cars from having a straight line of sight onto your deck.


    Andrew Beasley / Studio Indigo

    What’s more charming than a trellis? In this Studio Indigo space, a deck and yard are surrounded by a trellis on both sides. While it may not be completely solid, it provides the perfect spot for plants to climb and fill in, creating more privacy with each passing season.


    frazaz / Getty Images

    For complete privacy, build a solid wooden wall. It doesn’t have to feel claustrophobic. On this deck, the stain of the wall blends with the siding of the house but contrasts with the deck itself, adding more interest. The plants help make it feel more lush.


    Design by Ashley Macuga of Collected Interiors / Photo by Nicole Dianne Photography

    Ashley Macuga of Collected Interiors used a privacy fence to create an entertaining space sure to have neighbors begging for an invite. An outdoor TV mounted amongst the wood fence serves as a focal point.


    Design by Jaimee Longo of The Layered House / Photo by Jess Isaac

    Jaimee Longo of The Layered Housed opted for a half wall to keep her space feeling open. Despite not being fully enclosed, this yard still feels intimate and cozy.


    Design by Meredith Owen Interiors / Photo by Molly Culver

    The lushest way to provide privacy to a deck is to plant fast-growing shrubs that will take just a few seasons to turn your backyard into a private garden. You’ll feel a world away from anyone outside.


    xavierarnau / Getty Images

    If you’re lucky enough to have an urban oasis with a rooftop garden, use the existing architecture to your advantage. Leverage a wall to create privacy and then turn it into a plant wall to make it feel intentional.


    Design by Eilla Adi Design / Photo by Lauren Taylor Creative

    Eilla Adi Design made her deck feel like an extension of her home. The roof of the house extends to cover the patio and shrubs add even more privacy. This patio is the perfect escape to if you need peace and quiet.


    Eirasophie / Getty Images

    Double up your privacy efforts by adding both a privacy screen as well as plants of varying sizes and shapes. This outdoor bed, surrounded by greenery and fenced off from neighbors, looks like the most calming retreat.


    @jcdesign1.1 / Instagram

    A pergola can make a deck feel more private by adding a “ceiling” and providing some shade. In this outdoor space, the brick wall and climbing vines add to the the coziness.


    Eirasophie / Getty Images

    Bamboo shades allow you to achieve privacy whenever you feel like it while adding a tropical touch. This way, your outdoor deck feels like a getaway whenever you sit down.


    itchySan / Getty Images

    Do you only have neighbors on one side of your house? Consider installing a targeted privacy screen. This vertical one matches the modern and minimalist aesthetic of the home and provides just enough coverage without completely enclosing the space.


    @ann.living / Instagram

    Build up a terraced wall of plants to add privacy to your deck. In this relaxing space, the terrace extends up one side while plants cover the other, giving the dining area and pool a sense of intimacy.


    @herzenstimme / Instagram

    A large deck umbrella will shade you from the afternoon’s hottest rays while increasing privacy. While other privacy screens may not protect you from eyes on the second floor of homes nearby, the umbrella shields you from their line of sight.


    @kristen.diane / Instagram

    This calming patio offers privacy from every angle. There’s a privacy screen, a pergola, and perhaps the most effective privacy measure: outdoor drapery. You can pull it shut or open it up as needed. And the best part? It also helps protect you from bugs.


    @luckyplot13 / Instagram

    Use the existing landscaping to add privacy to your deck. This bohemian-inspired retreat is built into the wood fence, giving it walls of privacy on two sides.


    Cathie Hong Interiors

    Cathie Hong Interiors used the sharp angles of this modern home to create privacy around the deck. Two sides of the deck intersect with the house, giving it privacy from neighbors and helping it blend in with the architecture.


    dzika_mrowka / Getty Images

    This deck feels like something you’d find at a beach resort, with its flowing drapery, elevated platform, and pergola. It can soak in the sun or become a hidden spot, totally private from neighbors.


    FOTOGRAFIA INC. / Getty Images

    Unlike the lightweight, flowing drapery most commonly used outdoors, this deck uses heavy outdoor drapery. It provides privacy as well as protection from the elements. On windy days, you can pull it shut to keep warmth in.


    Delpixart / Getty Images

    Because bamboo is fast-growing, it is often planted and used for privacy. With that said, it quickly takes over and becomes difficult to maintain. In this outdoor space, dried bamboo creates a solid section of the fence. It gives it that desirable bamboo look without the upkeep and pruning.


      FOTOGRAFIA INC. / Getty Images

      If you’re struggling to settle on a way to make your yard more private while honoring your home’s aesthetic, you can’t go wrong with a wooden fence. It’s simple and a classic choice. This fence looks timeless while keeping unwanted eyes out.

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