19 Striking Neon Houseplants

Neon Houseplants are the best choice to add striking color to your plant collection with their ultra-bright hue. Check the best varieties below!

Neon Houseplants offer a bright shade of color tone that looks spectacular with other plants. Have a look at the best ones to add a lot of bright and colorful appeal indoors!

1. Neon Pothos

Botanical Name: Epipremnum aureum ‘Neon’

This beautiful pothos variety has lemon yellow and green foliage. The young growth has a more prominent neon glow.

2. Moonlight Philodendron

Botanical Name: Philodendron ‘Moonlight’

‘Moonlight’ is a heartleaf philodendron hybrid that offers beautiful foliage in yellow-green chartreuse color. Keep it in bright indirect light for the best color.

3. Golden Goddess Philodendron

Botanical Name: Philodendron ‘Golden Goddess’

‘Golden Goddess’ features bright neon yellow, narrow leaves that look outstanding in both ceramic pots and baskets.

4. Comet

Botanical Name: Crassula sarmentosa ‘Comet’

This ornamental succulent features dark green leaves that become almost neon green with pink and yellow hue with deep red borders when kept in full sun.

5. Philodendron Neon

Botanical Name: Philodendron ‘Cordatum Neon’

Also known as the sweetheart vine, it is often confused with neon pothos. It has a long trailing habit and bright neon green heart-shaped leaves.

6. Limelight Coleus

Botanical Name: Coleus ‘Limelight’

‘Limelight’ exhibits bright, neon-lime-green leaves that look great in containers and gardens. It also produces purple flowers!

7. Ceylon Golden Plant

Botanical Name: Philodendron ‘Ceylon’

An ideal choice for low-light areas, this air-purifying houseplant features paddle-shaped, bright neon green leaves with a touch of golden hue.

8. Neon Breakers

Botanical Name: Echeveria ‘Neon Breakers’

This succulent forms a rosette of fantastic blue-green or grey-green leaves with neon pink to lavender blushing when grown in the bright sun.

9. Flamingo Flower

Botanical Name: Anthurium andraeanum ‘Tickled Pink’

‘Tickled Pink’ shows off vivid neon pink spathes that make a fabulous contrast with deep green leaves. It does best in medium to bright indirect light.

10. Pink Charming

Botanical Name: Begonia rex ‘Pink Charming’

Like the name, the plant displays beautiful shades of neon pink on leaves patterned with green tints and silver touch.

11. Pink Arrowhead Vine

Botanical Name: Syngonium ‘Neon Robusta’

‘Neon Robusta’ is a great air-purifying houseplant with heart-shaped neon pink leaves patterned in green variegation.

12. Trailing Plum

Botanical Name: Solenostemon scutellarioides ‘Trailing Plum’

The neon pink leaves of this sun-loving variety cascade down beautifully. It is great for hanging baskets and does well in 3-4 hours of direct sunlight.

13. Miss Muffet

Botanical Name: Caladium ‘Miss Muffet’

The small-shaped, chartreuse to lime-green leaves are speckled and veined in a neon pink shade. This variety is a great option for indoor gardens.

14. Miss World

Botanical Name: Aglaonema ‘Miss World’

Miss world features broad, oval-shaped leaves with a bright red hue in the center that fades to pink on the surface with green margins.

15. Autumn Ember

Botanical Name: Begonia ‘Autumn Ember’

The brilliant orange foliage of this variety is a cross between Begonia ‘Angel Glow’ and ‘Marmaduke.’ Its bright leaves look outstanding in containers.

16. Neon Begonia

Botanical Name: Neon Rhizomatous Begonia

This spectacular begonia offers bright neon green foliage with deep green variegation. The ruffled foliage looks great in bright light.

17. Peacock Begonia

Botanical Name: Begonia pavonina

The neon blue color of the leaves gives an impression of a shimmering metallic blue effect to it. This plant is also quite easy to look after.

18. Neon Rose Coleus

Botanical Name: Coleus scutellarioides  ‘Neon Rose’

You can include this beautiful coleus in your collection for a bright neon shade. The serrated leaves have a neon green hue with cream and neon pink centers.

19. Kong Lime Sprite

Botanical Name: Coleus ‘Kong Lime Sprite’

The gorgeous neon green leaves with a mahogany red center make it one of the best coleus varieties with neon foliage!

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