15 Natural Stone Pathway Ideas For Garden Landscapes

Apart from focusing on the interior, one of the things that makes a house look beautiful is because of the garden. The presence of this garden in addition to making the house feel cool, beautiful and comfortable, also provides a landscape that is part of the outdoors. That is why many people want to create a garden to match their dreams. Starting from choosing a theme, arranging the landscape, placing furniture, to creating a garden path that connects the garden with the area at home.

In general, the garden is filled with various kinds of flowers, plants and grass. However, you can add a beautiful impression to the garden through a stone path. This material is quite easy to find and makes a great addition because it gives a natural feel. You can choose natural stone paths or combine them with various other materials such as wood or sand to beautify the landscape.

Here we’ve rounded up 15 natural stone pathway ideas that will inspire you with the best garden landscapes!

1. Despite its small size, this garden design feels full of ponds, garden chairs, and stone paths among various kinds of plants.


2. For those of you who like dry garden designs such as desert themes, build stone paths that blend into the desert landscape.


3. A river theme park is always a good thing that looks natural. Use a stone path and mix it with small pebbles around it.


4. Combine large stones with small stones and arrange them into a garden path. Let it look natural by growing grass.


5. Do you like country style gardens? You can still use the stone path as the best option. However, choose a stone with a rectangular shape with interesting colors.


6. Japanese gardens always emphasize minimalist and simple designs, and stone paths are the best choice for this style.


7. Relaxing outdoors feels more comfortable by building a patio. You can beautify it with stone paths.


8. Modern gardens are in great demand for today’s residences. In addition to creating a modern-style garden landscape, you can also add stone paths with a symmetrical size to make it seem neat.


9. A grass-dominated garden is perfect for a garden with a large area. In addition to extra care so that the grass can grow well, you can also secure it with stone paths.


10. Succulent gardens are one of the garden designs that we still rarely see. This garden design is no less beautiful than the garden in general. You can beautify it by creating a stone path surrounded by succulent plants.


11. Create a unique path in the shape of a box resembling a tile made of stone.


12. In addition to the garden path, you can also make stairs in the garden area if the area in the house is higher. Stone material is perfect for stairs because it is very sturdy and can support heavy loads.


13. Tropical garden designs usually consist of a wide variety of holiday-inspired tropical plants. Add a stone path with a natural theme that is suitable for a tropical garden.


14. Create a garden path by arranging stone leaf motifs that match the garden landscape.


15. This stone path design looks natural because it combines elements of wood as part of a garden path.


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