15 Best Terrace Design With Minimalist Garden

Creating a garden in the backyard may be familiar, but have you ever thought about building it on the front porch? Even though it is small and minimalist in style, a terrace garden can be the center of attention of your entire exterior. No matter how small the land you have, a small terrace will feel cool and comfortable with the right garden arrangement.

On the other hand, no matter how big a terrace you have outdoors, it will not live up to expectations if you are careless in decorating. A nature-inspired terrace always manages to bring a fresh feel to your home, it can be a place to relax, enjoy the view, or even receive guests with a completely different atmosphere.

So that you have a little idea about a minimalist garden on the terrace, today I have collected 15 of the best terrace designs for you to inspire. From a holiday-inspired terrace to a forest-themed lush terrace. Find one or more of your favorites here!

1. A nice sitting or solitude area on the front porch with lush plants.


2. Vintage effects have always been popular all the time, like this core that brings back memories of the past.


3. Cooking does not have to be in the kitchen, you can also make an outdoor kitchen in the terrace area.


4. Place to chat with guests who are fun.


5. Terrace with more privacy, there is a plant fence at the end as the main focus.


6. Anyone will not mind relaxing and spending time in this hammock.


7. Vines are a practical solution to bring a green feel to a tiny patio.


8. Present a romantic impression by placing and hanging lots of flower plants.


9. The outdoor deck is indeed the perfect combination for a minimalist terrace garden.


10. This natural-looking terrace blurs the boundaries between indoor and outdoor.


11. Bring the holiday atmosphere like on the beach to your front porch.


12. Replace the roof terrace with trees or plants that cool the atmosphere.


13. This terrace design is perfect for those of you who like a clean and minimalist design.


14. Small terraces can also be built a beautiful landscape. Add a garden path and some hanging furniture to support cozy.


15. Roof pergolas are a great addition to a patio with a natural feel.


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