10 Awesome Side Garden Ideas

Decorating the garden is part of home decoration. From backyards to front yards, even the most neglected side gardens. Let this awesome side garden inspire you to turn an empty side house into an inviting entryway.

If the front page always managed to create curb appeal, and can even improve your outdoor aesthetic value, the rest of your garden should not be ignored. Today I’ve rounded up 10 side garden ideas that have been carefully planned and planted to create inviting spots and pathways, inviting you to pay attention to every aspect of the garden, even the smallest outdoors.

Curious as to what? Here’s a side garden that anyone will fall in love with!

1. Path to the pond

Surrounded by layered plants and also lush plants on each side of the road. This side garden leads to a small pond which invites into a fun entertainment zone.


2. Cozy seating area

The private side garden is a nice area where you can relax without any distractions. Create a cozy seating area on the garden side and garnish with a string of light for a romantic atmosphere at night.


3. Luxurious lush garden

A lush side garden can look luxurious with the right arrangement. The key lies in selecting plants that blend with the landscape design you want. Wooden fences, vines, and the type of garden that is not too high emphasize the impression of luxury.


4. Simple and relaxed design

If you want a simple and relaxed side garden design, then you can try this one idea. Low maintenance, relaxing planting, while still creating clear paths in lush plants.


5, Narrow side garden

I liked how the park next to it can look beautiful even in the narrow area. The solution, use more potted plants as part of the decoration.


6. Raised bed garden

A side garden with a raised bed is an easy and practical way for small spaces. Like this side garden idea that blends with a brick fence.


7. Rustic side garden

In addition to a modern style garden, rustic garden ideas can also be applied to the side of the house. A classic garden bench, an old garden door and a brick wall look perfect for this garden.


8. Sandstone pathway

Make your way into a beautiful side garden by forming a lush ground cover between the sandstone steppers on the side of the house. While tall plants become part of the fence of the house.


9. Bold color

One of the best ways to make a statement is to add bold color to the side garden. As the use of walls with black color that contrasts with the surrounding landscape.


10. Tropical side garden

Want to bring the holiday atmosphere to a hidden space? This tropical garden idea will bring your home side to life. Choose tall tropical plants to hide the guardrail.


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