Unveiling the Powerhouse: 973 Ford F100 Supercharged Coyote Boss 302 Pro-Touring Restomod Truck!

When we acquired this F100, the notion of a custom SEMA build was just the beginning of our journey into the world of automotive marvels. With bated breath, we pressed the button to raise the garage doors, and what met our eyes was beyond imagination. There, emblazoned on the tailgate, gleamed the “Sadistic Iron Werks” Grafted “BOSS” logo—a sight that struck us to our core. The inception of this awe-inspiring project traced back to a 1956 F-100 nicknamed “Snakebit” by none other than Gene Simmons. To leave an indelible mark on the industry, a 1973 Dentside F100 Farm Truck was procured. Collaborating with Ross Tyler of ART Photography, a vision was not just conceived but breathed into life.


Crafting the Vision: A Journey of Challenges and Triumphs

Amidst hurdles that beset our pursuit of aftermarket parts, custom fabrication emerged as the only path forward. Driven by the ambition to manifest a dream on the canvas of reality, with the ultimate goal of gracing the SEMA convention, sacrifices of sweat, tears, and an undisclosed fortune were poised to be made. The journey, rife with ups and downs, saw challenges during the fabrication process and an unforeseen setback—the Coyote engine coupled with a Vortech Supercharger defied easy integration, and the initial shop entrusted with the installation faltered. But as fate would have it, a turnaround was imminent.

Hart Fab stepped into the fray, spearheading the project and making a pivotal call to “Scott’s Hotrods’ n Customs.” The order was for a Super Slam Independent Front Suspension, which would be skillfully mated to a bespoke frame, complemented by a 4-linked rear end. With the new momentum, the project surged forward. “Volkers Autobody” infused life into the exterior through its paint and body expertise, while the artisans at “Sew it Custom Automotive Interiors” wove their magic into the upholstery.


The Grand Debut and Beyond: Triumph in Transformation

As the finishing touches fell into place, the F100 made its grand entrance at SEMA—an event that left no room for disappointment. Magazine pages soon bore witness to its glory, including a coveted front cover feature in “Street Trucks.” Awards and accolades followed in its wake, underscoring that this F100 defied conventions.

But the SEMA debut was far from the finish line. The journey of transformation continued with a series of upgrades, like the sleek Kindig-it Handles that seamlessly merged with the contours and an enhanced 6-Speed transmission, among other refinements.

Unveiling the Power Beneath the Hood


Underneath the hood lies a masterpiece of engineering that propels this F100 to the zenith of performance:

  • A 5.0 Liter Coyote V8 Engine that breathes life into every drive
  • Boss 302 Intake Manifold, harnessing raw power
  • Ford 6R80 6-Speed Automatic Transmission, ensuring seamless shifts
  • A meticulously arranged engine compartment
  • Dominance defined by the Vortech Supercharger
  • Performance Rod and Custom Triple Core Radiator paired with Electric Fans
  • An ingeniously mounted Air to Air Intercooler, enhancing efficiency

Exterior Elegance and Innovation

The exterior is a canvas where craftsmanship meets innovation:

  • A tapestry of Fully Custom Metal and Paint Work
  • Drenched in the brilliance of PPG Misano Red
  • Bumpers Tucked and Shaved, lending a sleek allure
  • KinDigit Door Handles, a symphony of form and function
  • The Hood, a seamless and Flushed testament to aesthetics
  • A bold statement in the form of Custom Staggered 20” Strasse R10 Wheels

A Haven of Luxury and Innovation: The Interior

Step inside to be enveloped in bespoke luxury and cutting-edge features:

  • Fully Customized Matching Interior, an embodiment of sophistication
  • Front Seating clad in Adjustable Black leather and Suede, epitomizing comfort
  • Vintage AC and Heating, offering personalized climate control
  • Dakota Digital HDX Gauges, an orchestra of information
  • RetroSound Radio with Bluetooth Controls, marrying nostalgia with modernity
  • The convenience of Push-To-Start Ignition
  • Power Windows for effortless control

Beneath and Beyond: Engineering Excellence


The underbody and suspension are realms of engineering prowess:

  • Scott’s Hotrods Customs Super Slam Independent Front Suspension, delivering exceptional handling
  • RideTech Fully Adjustable Front and Rear Coilovers, a journey of comfort and control
  • Electric Power Rack and Pinion Steering, a touch of sophistication
  • Wilwood Drilled and Slotted Rotors at the front and rear, ensuring precision braking
  • A Fully Adjustable Custom 4-Link Rear End, a testament to tailoring performance
  • The prowess of a Narrowed Ford 9” Rear End, delivering power where it counts

Embracing the Legacy: Acknowledging Imperfections

While the elegance of this car is undeniable, it’s important to remember that it carries the legacy of its age. Imperfections exist as a testament to its journey. While we strive to offer transparency, we are unable to drive every vehicle extensively due to our expansive inventory. Our thorough inspections and tests span 40-60 miles, encompassing checks, test drives, and videos. As such, we cannot guarantee the flawless operation of every feature. Mileage, documented and validated by the odometer, may not solely represent the body’s usage but also the build’s mileage. Maintenance will be a natural part of ownership, as vintage vehicles often demand care after periods of inactivity. Regardless, this enduring classic car will stand as a testament to your ownership, a cherished possession destined for the open road.

In Conclusion: A Tale of Distinctiveness and Desire

In closing, this journey embodies the fusion of dreams and dedication. From an audacious vision to a show-stopping reality, the 973 Ford F100 Supercharged Coyote Boss 302 Pro-Touring Restomod Truck transcends conventions. It symbolizes the artistry of engineering, the elegance of design, and the relentless pursuit of excellence—a vehicle that beckons you to embark on your own journey of distinction.

Witness the Unveiling: Schedule Your Exclusive Inspection Today!

If you’re captivated by the allure of this exceptional vehicle and seek assurance in its condition, we extend an invitation for inspection. Embrace the opportunity to experience it firsthand. Arrange an appointment with a reputable inspector, and we’ll gladly hoist this masterpiece for an exhaustive assessment. Your journey towards automotive distinction begins now!


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