Country singer Tim McGraw sat down with Yahoo Entertainment and shared his thoughts about Taylor Swift naming the first track in her self-titled debut album ‘Tim McGraw.’ Tim expressed his pride, although his initial thoughts were a bit different:

“It makes me pretty proud, I like that. At first, when she first came out with it I thought ‘Have I gotten that old, now these artists are singing songs with my name in it?’ But I’m so happy for her, and we knew right away that she was a huge talent.”

McGraw continued by praising Taylor’s songwriting, her musical skills, and her live performance:

“She’s one of the greatest songwriters ever. She just really knows how to tap into the people who listen to her music. She knows exactly what she’s doing and she’s so good at it and she’s such a sweet person and yeah, I get to talk to her every now and then, and I saw her show in Nashville and was blown away. She’s just an incredible entertainer, incredible artist but I think she’s one of the best of our time.”

This song is important for Taylor Swift herself, as much as it makes McGraw proud. Apart from initiating Swift’s career, ‘Tim McGraw’ peaked Tim’s attention, and he turned his focus towards Taylor, only to watch her flourish over time. Taylor once opened up  about ‘Tim McGraw,’ and explained the writing process:

“This song means so much to me, that’s why we wanted it to be the first track on the album. The idea for this song came to me in math class. I just started singing to myself, ‘When you think Tim McGraw.’ The concept for this song hit me because I was dating a guy who moved away, and it was going to be over for us. So I started thinking of things that I knew would remind him of me. The first thing that came to mind was that my favourite song is by Tim McGraw.”

Below you can listen to ‘Tim McGraw’ by Taylor Swift.