Ten-Day-Old Kitten Clings to Caring Hands, Transforms into a Purring Bundle of Contentment

A kitten who was 10 days old, held onto the hands that helped her as she turned into a fluffy, happy purr machine.

Clove the kitten was just 10 days old when she arrived at Baby Kitten Rescue (in Los Angeles, California), in desperate need of help.

“She was found on a Thursday night all alone. The finders waited for the cat mama but sadly she never returned,” Caroline Grace, the founder of Baby Kitten Rescue, shared with Love Meow.

They tried to look after the neonatal kitten, but were in over their heads. Clove’s condition declined and needed to be rescued. Caroline took her in and immediately began a critical care protocol to get her back to health.

The tiny ball of fur was covered in fleas, had a large scab under her right armpit, and was fighting an infection. “Clove was severely dehydrated and crying nonstop in pain from her stomach problems.”

Despite everything the kitten had endured, she powered through with antibiotics, fluid therapy, and supplements to replenish her and heal her gut.

“Within a few hours, I could tell she was starting to feel better. She was still figuring out her latch but ate well at each feeding,” Caroline told Love Meow.

As soon as Clove regained energy, she hung onto her human’s hand with both of her front paws and even tried to activate her purr motor. Despite being just palm-sized, she showed incredible will to live.

Ana, a volunteer of the rescue, took her on and continued the medical treatment plan and round-the-clock feedings. “Within a week, Clove was latching and eating like a champ and blossoming into the silly, spunky, loving girl that she is.”

Clove wasn’t shy of using her loud voice to command attention whenever she spotted her bottle. She stretched her front toes in a kneading motion while she scarfed down the food, in the comfort of her foster mom’s hand.

“She had the loudest, most active purr motor as she snuggled and rolled around happy and full after each feeding.”

Watch Clove the kitten in this cute video:

Ana, who works at a veterinary hospital, brought Clove with her, so she could keep up with the demanding feeding schedule. With painstaking care and unconditional love, Clove fully recovered and her personality began to shine.

“She was so loved and adored (by everyone she came across), and it was obvious how safe and happy she felt,” Caroline told Love Meow. “Ana continued bottle feeding her until one day Clove discovered dry food and decided she loved it!”

“Clove is a playful, silly, curious, and sweet little purr monster. Despite her rough condition when she arrived, she has become a brave, adventurous, and loving kitten.”

At 10 weeks old, Clove has turned into a proper young cat and mastered the art of staring. She is ready for her new chapter in life and a place of her own.

“We found her the perfect home. When her new mom met her for the first time, it was true and immediate love—they had an instant connection,” Caroline shared with Love Meow.

Clove has been spayed and will start her exciting journey at her forever home this coming week. The little bundle of joy doesn’t miss a beat as she lives everyday to the fullest and fills the room with her rumbling purrs.

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