David Harbour has revealed that Taylor Swift wrote a personalised note for his stepdaughter when the pair attending an ‘Eras’ tour concert in Minneapolis.

Speaking on an episode of the Happy, Sad, Confused podcast that was recorded prior to the ongoing WGA actors’ strike, Harbour spoke of Swift’s touching act, which he says left his stepdaughter “speechless”.

Harbour joked that he had to call in a lot of favours to get tickets to the show for his stepdaughter, and that they had tried to meet Taylor Swift but she had to rush off for a flight immediately after the concert had ended.

“It was extraordinary because I did say as we went in, ‘If there is an opportunity to say hello,’ I was like, ‘Please.’ And they said, ‘She’s leaving on a plane right after the concert, and I was like, ‘Oh then [never mind],’” David recalled.

He went on, saying that they “sat there for about 30 minutes of the opener and then a woman came out with a letter. It was addressed to me and my stepdaughter, and it was handwritten on a particular type of stationery. I’ve never seen my step-daughter speechless.”

“[Taylor] did say in the letter at one point, ‘I’ll give you a wave from the stage.’ And at one point, during the beginning of one of her numbers she did turn to our little booth and [waved].”

Harbour went on to say of Taylor: “She is a force of nature. I didn’t really have any idea, it’s not really my [era of music]. My thing was Madonna, I saw Madonna concerts, I saw Guns N’ Roses concerts. Seeing her perform for three-and-a-half hours, that’s like 45 songs. She barely leaves the stage, I don’t know when she pees. It’s ridiculous, she’s a force of nature.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Harbour teased that he knows how Stranger Things will end, saying it will be a “very moving” moment. “I’m excited to go back. I’m excited to wrap it up in a bold, amazing way. I’m excited to really swing with this character, because you know they’re going to pay off these OG characters: Eleven, Hopper, Joyce, Will, Mike. They’re going to pay them off in big ways because they’ve lived with you for the past eight years,” he said.