Taylor Swift will not be performing at the Super Bowl halftime show this year, much to the dismay of her Swifties.

The 33-year-old pop star has reportedly been reached out to “a handful of times” about performing at the Super Bowl over the years, but she’s in “no rush” to do so as she’s focusing on her tour right now. Taylor has been performing across the globe since embarking on her Eras tour in March of this year, and while this week she’s playing Mexico City’s Foro Sol venue, her tour is continuing through 2024 with a current last tour date of November 23 in Toronto, Canada.

A source who’s reportedly close to the singer told MailOnline: “Taylor is busy with her current tour, she has zero time to prepare a Super Bowl show, she will do it eventually, but she is in no rush at all to do it in Vegas or do it in the next couple of years.” Taylor is also in the process of re-recording her old music and that combined with working on new music is “taking up a majority of her time”. Taylor’s tour is scheduled to run through November 2024 ( Image: Getty Images for TAS Rights Management)
Taylor most recently released Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) on July 7 and announced the next re-recorded album, 1989 (Taylor’s Version), to be released on October 27. She’s re-released two other past albums, with one more to go until she’s re-released all the albums she didn’t own the rights to.

But the Super Bowl is on her list to do someday, with the insider saying: “The Super Bowl will be a nice thing to do someday but it is not a defining moment for her right now. She knows she has all the time in the world, and she always reminds her team that Madonna was 53 when she finally did the show herself, so timing is everything.”

She has ‘all the time in the world’ to perform at the Super Bowl ( Image:  Getty Images for TAS Rights Mana)
The source concluded: “‘Taylor is well aware of how she wants her career to develop and will do things her way and her way only and will not rush into something she doesn’t want to do just to do it and that includes the Super Bowl.”