Steps to Remove Water from Your Phone

Steps to Remove Water from Your Phone can easily get into your phone speaker especially if it is not waterproof designed. When it does, it can make the phone audio speaker wacky or damage the phone if left unattended to. Although, newer iPhones and Android devices have waterproof ratings, they have no built-in tool or mechanism to eject water should it get into your phone.

1. Steps to Remove Water – Install the App

Download Sonic app for iOS in the App Store by simply searching for Sonic and add “V” to your search to find it quickly. For Android devices, visit the app page on the Google Play Store to get it installed. Both apps serve the same function but with different names.

2. Steps to Remove Water – Input Password

You will be required to input an ID or password depending on your phone settingsAlthough it is lightweight (about 15MB), ensure that you have a considerable amount of storage space on your phone to house the app.

3. Manually Set the Frequency

The deal is the higher the frequency, the louder the vibration. And thus, the faster the water gets out of your phone. Simply use the swipe up and down key to adjust the frequency (Hz). You can easily generate a sound tone from 1Hz to 25kHz with the Sonic app. Ideally, the normal frequency that can expel water from the phone is 165Hz. That means you can increase the frequency from 1Hz to a frequency within 165Hz and tap “Play” to play the sound. This is depending on the type of phone and its specifications. Then again, it depends on the severe nature of water penetration. The mechanical vibration generated would shake off the water from the phone completely.

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Steps to Remove Water

4. Increase Phone Volume

Increasing the volume of your mobile phone will help the process. Then watch the water eject from your phone through its speakers. Be rest assured that your phone sound would restore to normal — when there is no water left inside the phone.

5. Turn off Phone Sound

Press “Stop” when you are done as your phone audio should have been perfected after the process.

Steps to Remove Water

6. Clean the Phone

Use a dry cotton cloth or absorbent material to wipe the water moisture around the exterior of the phone speaker.

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