What is the Star Tattoos Meaning? If you are thinking about getting a star tattoo on your body, then read this article to get a deeper understanding of the meaning and ideas behind this tattoo.

Meaning of the Star Tattoo

Do you know the meaning behind star tattoos? If not, you may be missing out on some amazing insights that may really resonate and leave you loving these gorgeous tattoo designs even more.

The star is a simple, yet powerful, tattoo design that can be inked in many different ways to create something small and subtle, or striking and bold. The star symbol can be incorporate into something larger, even a full sleeve, to create your own meaningful and unique design.

Spiritually, stars relate to protection and guidance. Stars have been used throughout ancient history for navigation, so the star is a symbol of finding your way in life, to stay on the right path.

Stars are also said to represent our loved ones who have passed.

So, if you’re considering a star tattoo, then read on to learn more about what this tattoo means, and why it might be the perfect tattoo for you.

There are several meanings to a star tattoo, with different elements coming through stronger with certain star shapes, and styles, so let us break it down further.

Different Types of Star Tattoos

Stars are a popular symbol with significance in different cultures. Tattoos mean different things to different people, but we will share some inspiration on the various meanings that are well-known, and the symbolic meaning of the star tattoo.

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Here are some star tattoo ideas, we will run through the main types of star tattoo designs and help you pick out the best star tattoos before you head to the tattoo parlor for your new tattoo.

If you’re thinking about getting a star tattoo, then read on for inspiration.

Nautical Star Tattoo


The nautical star is a black and white five pointed star, which typically symbolises good luck and is a symbol of finding your way home when lost at sea.

This star is a really popular choice with those in the armed forces – the military, navy and marines because of the meaning of being guide safely back home. For some, the star design also hints back to the stars in the American flag.

The nautical star is strongly related to Polaris, the Northern Star but the classic nautical star tattoo design tends to have shading of lighter and darker colors on the points, whereas many northern star tattoos are more subtle with line art.

North is also marke on nautical charts and compasses with a five point star, so this tattoo can often be combine with a compass or a compass rose.

Nautical tattoos in general are one of the most popular and well establish tattoo themes, such as the anchor or the wave which are both very commonly see.

North Star Tattoo


Like we talked about, the North Star aka Polaris is a symbol of guidance, bringing sailors back home.

This star has use for guidance and navigation since ancient times.

The North Star is a symbol of inspiration and hope. Polaris is actually not the brightest star in the night sky (that would be Sirius) but it’s definitely one of the most famous stars and one of the easiest to spot.

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